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‘New Mutants’ Director Reveals Logo & Wraps Filming This Week

20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise may have a lot of confusing timelines and some very noticeable problems, but the studio found great success in their recent spin-off films like Logan, Deadpool, & X-Men: First Class. New Mutants will be the newest addition to that spinoff list and hopefully is just as successful. Director Josh Boone took to Instagram today & #blessedT us with the movie’s possible […]

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Marvel Creating New RPG Game with Fox

The game studio Aftershock has just been acquired by Fox through their FoxNext Games division and is currently operating as a sub-department. Now, Marvel has teamed up with 20th Century-Fox owned Aftershock and are developing a new role-playing game featuring iconic Marvel heroes. The two companies are still keeping their respective universes separate – Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fox Cinematic […]

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Evan Peters Returning as Quicksilver in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

Arguably one of the best parts of the young X-Men series is none other than Evan Peters’s Quicksilver, and come on, what’s an X-Men prequel movie without Quicksilver anyways, right? Well its official now! Evan Peters is set to return to X-Men: Dark Phoenix in all his silver wearing, fast talking glory.   This news come right after hearing newcomer, Lamar Johnson, has […]

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Lamar Johnson Joins ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Cast

The X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast continues to grow as production in Montreal starts to take place. It was just announced that Dazzler will be making an appearance to the Apocalypse sequel and there are still talks that Jessica Chastain will be playing the role of Shi’ar Empire ruler, Lilandra. Now we have newcomer, Lamar Johnson, reportedly cast in a mystery role for […]

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Young Magik & Karma Rumored to be Cast in ‘New Mutants’

The upcoming X-Men spinoff New Mutants cast keeps getting bigger and bigger! Now, thanks to Omega Underground, we have reason to believe a young version of Anya Taylor-Joy’s Illyana aka Magik will appear in the movie. It looks like Magik will play a principal role in the film. Check out the casting call for young Magik below. YOUNG ANNA – Female, 9 – […]

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X-Men Producer Gives Update on Gambit Solo Film

Gambit has been in been in a sort of production hell for some time now, but fans fear not! We finally have some type of update on where the movie is standing in 20th Century Fox’s vast X-Men Cinematic Universe. In an interview with ScreenRant, X-Men producer Hutch Parker was able to shed some light on the project while in the […]

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The New Mutants film Will Be Horror Based

When we think of superhero movies, we immediately think of action or fantasy or genres along that line. One that rarely comes up is horror. Fox, however, is looking to change that. In May of 2015, 20th Century Fox released word that Josh Boone (Stuck In Love, The Fault In Our Stars) would be directing their The New Mutants film based on […]

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‘Logan’ Exclusive Blu-Ray Packaging Revealed

No need to illegally stream Logan if you’ve been feigning for it guys. Just yesterday the Blu-Ray release date of May 23rd was announced; today, we have the official Blu-ray packaging exclusives that Best Buy, Target & Walmart will be dropping. Walmart’s Blu-ray release comes with 9 different Wolverine posters (symbolizing the 9 X-Men films Jackman has been in) that come together […]

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Audition Tapes Hints a Rogue Recast

Audition tapes for X-Men: Dark Phoenix just hit the internet and its lit fam! The tapes were sent under the movie’s working title, “Teen Spirit”. The submissions come from Alexa Swinton, a Canadian-American actress who appears on Billions. Rarmian Newton, an Australian actor who has appeared on The Family and Dance Academy and Paul Mescal an Irish newcomer. Newton’s tape is for […]

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‘New Mutants’ May Begin Filming This Summer

Following the massive success Deadpool and Logan, it seems 20th Century Fox will be moving forward with several of their X-Men projects.  As we said goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s signature role as Wolverine, Logan introduced a whole new cast of characters, making it the perfect segway onto the next generation.  The movie will be based on the popular same-name comic and will feature […]