Disney & Fox Deal Update: Decision Possible At The End Of The Year

Just a few days ago we reported that the deal between Disney & 21st Century Fox were still in the works; now, we have an update from The Wall Street Journal that suggests a decision to pursue the sale could possibly be made by the end of the year! If you’ve been under a rock these past few weeks, Fox is looking to sell their entertainment rights and Disney is rumored to be extremely interested.


This would mean that The Simpsons,  Avatar, and the original six Star Wars movie properties would belong to Disney and of course X-Men, Deadpool, & the Fantastic Four would officially be in the MCU. Sony was rumored to be interested in acquiring the entertainment rights as well, but those talks have since died down. It’ll be interesting to see my favorite superheroes (the X-Men) be apart of the MCU officially but I am a bit worried that some of these characters could get lost in the mix. Tell us what you think! Could the likes of Deadpool truly exist in the MCU?

Source: The Wall Street Journal


4 comments on “Disney & Fox Deal Update: Decision Possible At The End Of The Year

  1. THEDopeNerd

    This would just tie everything together with a nice lil bow…as a fellow X-Head my imagination went crazy with the stories Marvel Studios could tell with the X-Men…man how bout X-Men vs Avengers on the screen finally wow!!!

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    • Haha right? I’m like a little indifferent about it as of now. The more news that comes out the more concise my thoughts on this will be.


  2. I am excited at the idea of the X-Men joining the MCU, because I’d love to see Storm done correctly, with a dark skin, African, Af-Am actress. This would give the MCU the opportunity to add more, and well known, PoC/WoC to the MCU.


  3. THEDopeNerd

    Awwwww man…I’ve been crying for a Storm movie for so long…I totally agree the MCU would do her justice because (i’m sorry not really) Halle Berry or Alexandra Shipp just don’t do it for me as Storm…


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