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Iris West to suit up on ‘The Flash’

What can’t Iris West (Allen) do? The ace-reporter and now STAR Labs team leader will be suiting up this season, according to Entertainment Weekly.  Details about how the leader will […]

The Flash S4 E.7: ‘Therefore I am’ Review (Spoilers)

This weeks episode of the Flash is quite possibly one of my favorite episodes of the show since season 1. This episode reminds me of what made me fall in love with this show, to begin with, the mystery, the interesting villain backstory, and the shocking end of episode reveal were fantastic. Tonight's episode was really well written and acted. 

The Flash S4 Ep. 1: ‘Reborn’ Review

This week we are treated to the return of the CW's hit show The Flash. The episode picks up 6 months after the events of the season 3 finale. The audience is introduced to the newest iteration of Team Flash which is made up of Wally, Cisco, Iris, and Joe. The team is going up against Peak-a-boo who is taken down by Iris recognizing her teleportation pattern and directing the boys on how to defeat her.