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Iris West to suit up on ‘The Flash’

What can’t Iris West (Allen) do?

The ace-reporter and now STAR Labs team leader will be suiting up this season, according to Entertainment Weekly. 

Details about how the leader will come to acquire powers have not been yet revealed, other than the fact that her suiting up will be temporary. Luckily for her portrayer, Candice Patton has always wanted to suit up — at least for a bit. While she enjoy’s playing the human aspect to the super human show, Patton says she “looks great in leather.”

Today, it was revealed that episode 16 of Season 4 will be titled “Run Iris, Run” — an Iris centric episode. The description for this episode has not been revealed as of late, but filming for the episode is currently underway. In New 52 run, Iris herself was granted a suit that allowed her to move in super speed. Below you’ll find photos of Patton in her suit, which is similar to that of DC’s Hot Pursuit but different from her comic book counterpart’s. SPOILERS AHEAD!


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