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The Flash S4 EP.3: ‘Luck Be a Lady’ (Spoilers)

the-flash-luck-be-a-lady-photo010-1508780584314_1280wLet me start by saying that for the most part, this weeks episode of the Flash was kind of a bore. The episodes opens by introducing us to this weeks villain Ms. Rebecca “Hazard” Shaw, whom we learn is one of the Metas that The Thinker was in search of the last episode. When we originally meet Rebecca her life is plagued by severe bad luck, which makes a change for the better or worse depending on how you look at it when she gets caught in a mysterious incident on a bus in Central City. Rebecca gains the ability to manipulate “luck” meaning whenever something good happens to her bad things happen to the people around her. Now, this villain had the potential to cause some pretty fun and interesting hijinks, but instead, for me, the character just fell flat. The superstition the Hazard caused within the group making them believe they were caused honestly affected the story more than the actual character did. I’ve been saying it for awhile, but the show could definitely stand to step it up when it comes to writing their villains and how they use them.

One of this episodes biggest reveals is that Barry and the team are responsible for creating the new Metas that keep popping up. They created them when they freed Barry from the Speed Force and flooded the area in front of the breach, a bus, with dark matter. The speed force creating a series of new Metas in Central City reminds me a lot of a recent Flash storyline in the comics. This incident seems like it will carry throughout the rest of the season and like its set the state for an eventual clash with The Thinker.

Early on in the episode we see Earth 2 Wells come through a breech delivering bad news to Wally. The show continues to crap on the poor kid by having Jessie send Wally a “Breakup Box” via Wells through the breech. Honestly, the most interesting part of this entire scene was Wells name dropping none other than Atlantis as a bit of an Easter Egg. It would seem the CW is trying to drop all the big easter eggs they can with Arrow name dropping Bruce Wayne last week and The Flash name dropping Atlantis this week.

$Wells showing up and delivering the news to Wally brings me to my next point about not just this episode but this season in general, the writers have no idea what to do with Wally. I’ve been saying this for awhile now, but its painfully obvious that the shows writers have no idea how to write Wally or even what to do with the character. First off Wally is absent for just about all of this episode and we only really see him at the end when he calls the entire team out and drops a bomb, he’s taking a break from the team. Near the end of the episode, Wally mentions to the team that everyone was so consumed with other things that they didn’t even know he hasn’t even been in Central City during the entire ordeal with Hazard. This literally and I cannot make this up prompts Iris to ask “Where were you, Wally?”….at least lie like you knew he was gone. We learn that Wally went to Earth 2 because he had to hear it from Jessie, who I now completely don’t care for, but that’s a topic for another day. It’s in this that Wally reveals he has to focus on himself for a while and so he is going to stay with a friend for awhile. This decision genuinely proves to me that this show has absolutely no idea what to do with Wally and that they’d rather write him off for a while than figure out.

The highlight of this episode is Cecile revealing to Joe during a sweet moment that she is pregnant. This news actually made me happier than anything that happened in the entire episode because it means we are about to get a new addition to the West/Allen family. I have a feeling the show is going to reveal that Iris is also pregnant and we are gonna end up with Cecile and Iris pregnant at the same time. Overall this episode was pretty blah, but it had a couple funny moments.

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