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'Sonic The Hedgehog' Leaps Into Our Hearts, But Doesn't Quite Reach Its Full Potential – Review

It was not that long ago when the world was shown the first look of Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) from Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog. What we were shown was not entirely what we expected Sonic to look like with photo-realistic CGI, especially after Warner Bros. wowed us with their live action-CGI hybrid Detective Pikachu. Now that Sonic the Hedgehog […]

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Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke Try to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive in ‘Last Christmas’ – Review

When you think of Christmas movies there are a few things that remain consistent throughout them all. They are films about sentiments: love, hope, family, giving – just to name a few of the themes that often populate Christmas films. One thing is for certain, a successful Christmas film is a very delicate balance. Last Christmas is an example of […]

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‘Abominable’ is an Engaging and Heartwarming Adventure – Review

Abominable is a delightfully entertaining and heartwarming tale about appreciating your family, and embracing new ones. DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio give us a familiar story, but in a refreshing package. The story follows a young violinist, Yi (Chloe Bennet), who has become detached from her mother (Michelle Wong) and grandmother (Tsai Chin) after the death of her father. She […]

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TIFF 2019: ‘Sea Fever’ is a Gripping Creature Feature With a Grave Warning at the Centre – Review

The sea is vast and full of wonders — or horrors depending on the day. In Neasa Hardiman’s sci-fi/horror she explores the nightmarish entities that lurk beneath the surface that will make you think twice about venturing too far from shore. Hermione Corfield leads a top-notch cast of a marooned crew faced with an impossible situation: a giant unknown creature […]

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TIFF 2019: ‘Blood Quantum’ Is The Zombie Movie We Need Right Now – Review

Zombies – one of horror’s greatest creations. There is an endless list of films and television shows that focus on this horror sub-genre. We have seen zombies birthed by awful medical errors countless times; post-apocalyptic worlds are riddled with them. Zombies began as these terrifying sluggish creatures that slowly chased brains, now they run and swarm. They exist in classics […]

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SDCC 2019: Mahershala Ali Will Play Blade in Marvel Reboot

Marvel can’t get enough of Mahershala Ali. This time, Marvel will have the two-time Oscar winner’s face on the big screen as the baddest vampire hunter in town, Blade. After taking a turn as the villain Cottonmouth in Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix, and flexing his vocals for the role of the Prowler in the Oscar winning animated film Spider-Man: […]

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Himesh Patel Dazzles in His First Film Role in the Impossibly Charming ‘Yesterday’ – Review

Imagine a world without The Beatles? Yes, it seems impossible, but in Danny Boyle’s quirky musical romantic-comedy this is the reality that aspiring singer-songwriter Jack Malik has found himself in. Played by the delightfully charismatic and talented Himesh Patel, Jack Malik is an aspiring musician in Essex, England. By his side is the always faithful Ellie (Lily James) who doubles […]

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‘Happy Death Day 2U’ is Another Home Run For The Blossoming Slasher Series – Review

Happy Death Day was a pleasant surprise for horror fans and critics who have long awaited a satirical slasher horror that can capture the magic of Wes Craven’s, Scream. Scream was the last slasher horror in recent memory to successfully embrace the tropes of a slasher movie, satirize it, and be genuinely entertaining. Happy Death Day is very much in […]

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‘What Men Want’ Hits Hard With Its Raunchy Comedy and Offers Insight on Male-Dominated Workspaces – Review

What Men Want delivers on its a raunchy comedy and has a surprising message about the challenges women in positions of power in male-dominated spaces face on a daily basis. What Men Want has our central character, Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson), in a peculiar situation – what happens when you have the power to read men’s minds? As the […]

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‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ is a Charming Arthurian Legend Perfect For All Ages – Review

Joe Cornish is back behind the camera and he has brought us another delightful action-adventure, complete with a new crop of young U.K. talent. The Kid Who Would Be King is a modern telling of the Arthurian legend, which follows a 12-year-old boy who finds the legendary Excalibur. Suddenly, he is thrust into an epic battle between good and evil. […]

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‘Mary Queen of Scots’ is a Refreshing Take on the Conflict Between Two Powerful Women

Mary Stuart is an infamous figure in U.K. history. One of the rightful heirs to the English throne, and for a brief moment, the Queen of Scotland. Her story has seduced many screenwriters and directors over the years. After many tumultuous years fighting for her crown, she (like many important political and royal figures) was beheaded. It’s a tragic tale […]