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10 Original Streaming Programs Perfect For Spooktober

Spooktober 2021 is finally here. Now you have an excuse to jump into the scary, spooky, bone-chilling, thrilling and fun Halloween offerings from your favourite streaming services. There is an array of original content readily available at your fingertips and this is your guide to help you choose out what is best for yourself or your family (kids included).

Before jumping into what Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Peacock have to offer, just remember that Shudder is the must-have streaming service for all things horror. You will find all sorts of gems from the classics to the absurd. There is something for everyone on Shudder.



Nightbooks is a fun Halloween treat perfect for lifetime horror fans and young children. It has the right amount of spook and nostalgia that hits all the right notes.

Midnight Mass

At the point, any Mike Flanagan project is required viewing during Spooktober. Flanagan is amongst the upper echelon of horror royalty and that is just fact.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Is it Spooktober without a good ol’ fashioned slasher? No, no it is not. There’s Someone Inside Your House has all that you love from a sloshy teen horror and a ton of bright young stars in the making. Get your popcorn!

Night Teeth

Megan Fox plays a hot vampire…need I say more? Vampires are always a must during this unholy month, and we welcome any and all vampire features that play with the formula and has fun with the premise. Night Teeth is available to stream starting October 20.


Welcome to the Blumhouse (2021)

Blumhouse is back with another instalment of Welcome to the Blumhouse with a 4-part film anthology that will introduce you to new up-and-coming horror stars (in front of and behind the camera). It’s perfectly timed to give you your Halloween fix.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

A TV remake of one of the most iconic teen slashers from the ’90s? Say no more, we are definitely interested in this modern take on a horror cult classic.


American Horror Stories

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story franchise keeps expanding and we keep eating it up. Murphy has created his own horror acting troop that come back for the spin-off series and do what they do best, frighten and delight us!

Only Murders in the Building

If you aren’t into anything scary and spooky, maybe a zany murder mystery comedy will be more your speed. With a pair of comedy legends (Martin Short and Steve Martin) and Selena Gomez, Only Murders In The Building is a fun romp perfect for the faint of heart.


Dr. Death

What’s scarier than a white man with unchecked power of your body? Nothing. Based on true events, Dr. Death will certainly have you very fearful of the people you depend on for life-saving procedures. Doctors can be evil too.

The Girl in the Woods

This supernatural drama reveals that monsters are very real and they might be lurking behind a secret door in the woods…and a cult-like colony is responsible for keeping that door shut. Obviously, nothing will go right.

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