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Interview: Keke Palmer Talks ‘Alice’, Support From Fans, Mental Health & More

When one thinks of Keke Palmer the words that manifest in one’s mind are: hard-working, hilarious, iconic and talented AF! In her latest feature, Palmer puts her acting chops to the test in an introspective, emotive, and empowering role in Krystin Ver Linden’s Alice.

Inspired by true events, the film follows Alice, a young enslaved woman who escapes the clutches of a Georgian slaveowner only to find herself running onto a freeway, and it is not 1870, it is 1970. From that point on, Alice discovers the reality of America and the truth about the emancipation of slaves. 

We were graciously offered an interview with the very busy starlet who offered us insight about why she pursued this project, how she delved into the deep complicated emotions of her character, and the loving support of her fans and how it’s made her feel.

Check out the interview with Keke Palmer below:

Alice Official Synopsis

In a story inspired by true events, an enslaved woman makes a daring escape from a rural Georgia plantation only to discover that the year is actually 1973.

Keke Palmer in Alice

Alice premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and is in theatres now!

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