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Interview: T’Nia Miller Talks ‘La Fortuna’, Working With Stanley Tucci & More

La Fortuna is a Spanish television mini-series about modern-day pirating. It stars Stanley Tucci as treasure hunter Frank Wild and Álvaro Mel as Álex Ventura, a young Spanish diplomat tasked with taking on Wild.

The story is a slow-burn adventure as Wild and his partner and lawyer Susan McLean (T’Nia Miller) do everything they can to keep the treasure they found at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile, Jonas Pierce (Clarke Peters) with his expert knowledge of Maritime law and his longhand hatred of Wild is prepared to do whatever he can to help Spain reclaim their lost treasure. 

We had the great opportunity to interview scene-stealer T’Nia Miller. While effortlessly managing to look like the coolest person on planet earth, Miller spoke about playing the viper lawyer Susan, what it was like to work with Tucci and Peters, her career and much more. 

Check out the full interview with T’Nia Miller below:

La Fortuna Official Synopsis

Álex Ventura, a young and inexperienced diplomat, unintentionally becomes the leader of a mission that will put all his convictions to the test: to recover the sunken treasure stolen by Frank Wild, an adventurer who travels the world plundering items of common heritage from the depths of the sea. Forming a unique team with Lucía, a combative public official, and Jonas Pierce, a brilliant American lawyer with a passion for old pirate tales, Álex sets out on the adventure of a lifetime, on which he learns about the importance of love, friendship and commitment to your own beliefs.

La Fortuna premieres on AMC on January 20.

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