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Star Wars: Scum & Villainy Fancast

*Cue John Williams Score*


May the 4th

There have been 41 years of fandom

And it still seems to be going strong.

On this day, let’s take a moment

To appreciate some of our favorite scum and villainy…

One of the many things that make Star Wars what it is, is world-building. They establish exciting planets and interesting characters that may not seem so important when they’re introduced on film, but there are many other ways to dive into them. Through books, comics, and TV series, you can follow the adventures of some of these characters through the years. And some of the characters with the most exciting adventures would be the ‘Scoundrels.’ They’re the ones working in the Underworld, being hired by crime syndicates and clans. They’re a big part of what makes the Star Wars universe what it is today…


James Rolleston as Boba Fett

Boba Fett is the son and unaltered clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett. He ages like a regular human compared to the quick aging of the Clone Troopers. Since the death of his father, Boba went out seeking revenge on Mace Windu and almost succeeded. At a young age, he’s able to bring together some of the most ruthless bounty hunters for jobs. Through the years he’s been known as one of the best Bounty Hunters in the galaxy, taking on creatures twice his size and literally doing anything he can to complete his missions.

Since Jango Fett was played by New Zealander Temuera Morrison who is of Maori descent, it’d be best to cast someone of Maori descent as well. Technically Boba Fett should look exactly like Morrison, but I believe the best person would James Rolleston, known for his role in Boy.  He’s the right age of Boba if they wanted to make a film involving him pre-A New Hope.


Doug Jones as Bossk

Bossk is a Trandoshan–a reptilian humanoid species that is best known for its hunting skills. Heightened strength, agility, and smell are what make Trandoshans feared across the galaxy, and Bossk is one of the most feared. In the Legends timeline, after Boba took Han Solo to his ship to deliver it to Janna, Bossk had been pursuing him the entire time. If the character were to make another live-action appearance, no one is better to play a reptilian species than Doug Jones. He has the height and the acting ability to bring something that terrifying to life.


Letitia Wright as Ketsu

Appearing in the animated series Rebels, Ketsu is a bounty hunter who was once close friends with Sabine Wren. They went to an Imperial Academy together and left to become Bounty Hunters. But while Sabine decided to be a rebel against the Empire, Ketsu decided to stay in the bounty hunting business. She made a name for herself, as she’s been hired by some of the most powerful crime syndicates, Black Sun. She eventually had a change of heart and fought alongside the rebels, though I’m pretty sure she never truly gave up bounty hunting. The character seems like a role that’d be rather different for Letitia Wright. She’ll be able to play the enthusiasm of being a bounty hunter, but it would also be an opportunity for her to give a menacing performance.


Dominic West as Dengar

Dengar is that old, fat, veteran bounty hunter who is clearly past his prime but doesn’t care that he is. Not much is known about his past, but we do know he has worked with Boba, Bossk, and even Assajj Ventress. He has a snarky, crude sense of humor and usually ends up pissing off the crew he’s working with. He’s known for working at a distance using a sniper as his primary weapon but isn’t afraid to get up close and fight… though there’s a good chance he’ll lose, it has happened before. In an ensemble, he’d definitely be the comedic relief of the group, but one of the most important things about the character is the look. He just seems like a grumpy man, which is why I think Dominic West is best for the role.


Famke Janssen as Aurra Sing

Another notorious bounty hunter, Aurra Sing. Born on the gangster moon of Nar Shaddaa, she’s teamed up with and rivalled some of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, including Jango Fett and Cad Bane (Star Wars Canon Fancast.) She’s even teamed up with Darth Maul, accompanying him on a mission. She trained Boba Fett after his father passed, and has dealt with the Jedi as well, always causing trouble for them. She is arguably one of the more ruthless bounty hunters, even killing her own partner. Famke Janssen is an actress whose roles have allowed her to stretch her range as an actor, and I believe seeing her playing a merciless character in the Star Wars Universe fits well.


Euguenio Derbez as Hondo Ohnaka

Since Star Wars is an entire galaxy, it’d make sense that there’d be space pirates around. And there no one more notorious and hilarious than Hondo Ohnaka. The leader of the Ohnaka gang (so you can tell how full of himself he was) he controlled a region in the outer rim during the Clone Wars, and had an admiration for Obi-Wan Kenobi. The two were constantly either against or helping each other. When the Empire took over, his gang dispersed, and he was left to be a smuggler without a crew until he met the Rebel crew. (Rebels Fancast) More than anything, he is known for his humor as he was often the comic relief. Admittedly, choosing an actor was hard, but I realized that Eugenio Derbez was perfect as he has the exact charm, charisma, and humor as Hondo.

What are your thoughts on the fancast? Be sure to let us know!

May the Force be with you. Always.

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