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Star Wars Canon Fancast

Star Wars means a great many things to different people. To me, it has always been about the colorful characters going on an adventure/journey.  As great as the films are, there are several novels and comics that expand the Star Wars Universe; “It’s so much bigger.” Every event that has happened in the books, comics, video games, exist in the same timeline as the films.  Filled with amazing stories and a plethora of new, exciting characters with plenty of stories to be told. Here are some of those characters…

Michael K. Williams as Cad Bane


One of the deadliest and most cunning bounty hunter the galaxy has ever known. Appearing in the Clone Wars series, some of the crimes he’s committed is holding a group of Republic Senators, stealing a Holocron from the Jedi Temple, kidnapped force, sensitive children; broke prisoners out of a Coruscant prison, and almost successfully kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine. Only an actor such as Michael K. Williams can portray such a vile bad-ass. Williams can easily show off Bane’s swagger and deadly ingenuity.

Adam Beach as Quinlan Vos


A reckless Jedi Knight who seeks a rush of adventure and excitement. Appearing in the Clone Wars series and one of the leads in the novel Dark Disciple, Vos is a character that has fallen in love and with fell to the dark side. He was tasked with assassinating Count Dooku by the Jedi Council. He fell in love with Asajj Ventress and was seduced by the dark side until he was pulled out. Adam Beach has the opportunity to play a fun, wildcard Jedi, that we haven’t seen too many of.

Jessica Henwick as Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra


A badass archeologist, much like Indiana Jones, who is arguably one of the most resourceful characters in canon. She first appeared in the Darth Vader comic before receiving her own, due to her popularity. She actually had a partnership with Vader and the two of them seemingly got along, even with all of Vaders threats. Jessica Henwick seems like a great fit because she’ll be having fun with it. Aphra is a character with a lot of humor, even around Vader, and Henwick can easily play with that. I know she was in The Force Awakens, but her character only appears in the one movie and is a minor role that it doesn’t affect anything.

Danai Gurira as Sana Starros


Most fans knew her as Sana Solo when we were first introduced to her. She was actually married to Han Solo, but only for a gig and it didn’t mean much. Even though she may have shared his name for a while, she was always her own character. A bounty hunter with no problem harming or killing anyone who got in her way of finding Han. She also fought her way through a prison with Dr. Aphra and Leia. Only Danai Gurira can give Sana her dangerous and sarcastic attitude.

Tessa Thompson as Ciena Ree


A child born the year the Empire was formed. She and her friend Thane, grew up together, trained together, went to the same academy together, and both were pilots. She chose a different path and decided to remain faithful to the Empire, even though time and time again she has been disappointed by its actions. It is the ideals that the Empire stands for that keeps her drawn to it and she is the farthest thing from what you could imagine an Imperial could be. She’s sweet, kind, obeys and performs her orders well, which made her jump high in rank. Tessa Thompson can play all that and more, which is needed to portray a complex character.

Sam Claflin as Thane Kyrell


Also like Ciena, he was born the same year the Empire was. He took a different path, saw that the Empire was nothing but a cruel form of government and joined the Rebellion. Though he has the grumpy attitude of an Imperial officer, he will do anything to stop the Empire and save the woman he loves, Ciena. Both characters appear in the novel Lost Stars, which is basically Romeo and Juliet in the Star Wars Universe. Sam Claflin has a ‘pretty boy’ look to him that can match well with Thane’s angry personality.

Rutina Wesley as Grand Admiral Rae Sloane


Appearing in several books such as A New Dawn, The Aftermath Trilogy, and the Kanan comic miniseries, Rae Sloane has grown to become one of the best and most popular characters in the new canon. With her tenacity, she quickly rose up in rank and with her intelligence, knew at moments, when she was being played. When the Empire was falling, she took its remnants to its unknown regions, where the First Order was born. Known for her lead role in Queen Sugar and True Blood, Rutina Wesley can play Rae Sloane with ease, with her demanding attention and power.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Norra Wexley 


An amazing pilot who fought on the second Death Star, who spent a good portion of her life fighting for the Rebellion. She later became the leader of a team the comprised of a bounty hunter, a former Imperial Agent, a special forces soldier, Wedge, her son and his killer droid, known as Bones. Together they succeeded in several missions for the New Republic, but Norra is more than just a soldier. She’s a single mother, who lost her husband to the Empire, and is desperately trying to find herself in the galaxy. Michelle Pfieffer has the ability to show the strength and vulnerability of Norra.

Edgar Ramirez as Captain Cardinal


Born on the planet of Jakku, he was taken by the last remnants of the Empire, which became the First Order, and was trained to become a warrior. He quickly rose in rank and was given the ranking of Captain and personal guard to General Brendol Hux (father of Armitage Hux). A great warrior and rival to Captain Phasma, he is in charge of training young troopers from a certain age, until they’re older where Phasma continues their training. A loyal, faithful trooper to the ideals of the First Order. Edgar Ramirez has a tough, angry look to himself, but can give a tender performance that is required of the character.

Robert Downey Jr. as Agent Terex


A high ranking official in the First Order, Agent Terex is on the hunt for Lors San Tekka, who knows the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. Appearing in the Poe Dameron comic; along the hunt, he crosses pass with Poe and his team and has proven to be a worthy adversary. Originally a Stormtrooper for the Empire, he witnessed the death of it on the Battle of Jakku, where he left the planet and formed his own criminal gang before joining the First Order. A middle-aged man, with the heart of a young man, Terex enjoys the finer, more exquisite things in life, which is why I believe Robert Downey Jr. would be perfect for the role. He has the charm to portray Terex, but I also believe he has the ability to portray a sinister, calculating character.

So what did you think? Any characters from canon that you would like to see fancasted? Let us know!

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