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Star Wars Rebels Fancast

Today is a very important day. Today is a very special day. Today is a day that should be celebrated by everyone. Today… is May 4, better known as Star Wars Day! *Cue John Williams score* No one, not even the creator George Lucas,  expected Star Wars to have the impact that it had. For a solid 40 years Star Wars has taken over the world with a fan base that is stronger than ever and it goes beyond just the films. Star Wars is spread across almost every medium, through comics, books, video games and of course, television. Star Wars has been on TV for a while dating back to the Holiday Special, but it wasn’t until Genndy Tartakovsky 2003 Clone Wars Series where it really took. After that ended Lucas knew there were more stories to tell set during that time and recreated the series in 2008 adding new characters and more depth to preexisting ones. Then Disney bought Lucasfilm and a new series came: Star Wars Rebels. Set between Ep. III & IV, it follows a small Rebel Crew who fight the Empire, claiming any small victory they can get. Early on it felt very reminiscent of Firefly until in the later seasons where they begin to flesh out the Rebel Alliance we see in A New Hope. The series is filled with rich, new characters that people have grown to love and like any Star Wars fan, I wondered who could play them in a live-action performance and I believe I’ve found the best actors to do so!


Aramis Knight as Ezra Bridger

Ezra was the first rebel we were introduced to, giving us a roguish, Aladdin, kind of vibe. Stealing things to survive and messing with the Empire just because he can. It wasn’t until he met the rest of the Rebel Crew where he found his place. He’s a kid who is strong with the force, but is often impatience and filled with anger, allowing him to sometimes be tempted by the Dark Side. However he’s still young and tries to have fun with his Jedi abilities, while still trying to find himself. If you watch Into the Badlands you can see the similarities between the character MK, played by Aramis Knight, and Ezra. Based off his performance on Badlands, Knight is the best person for Ezra, being able portray an impatient kid, who just so happens to also be wise in the ways of the Force.


Javier Muñoz as Kanan Jarrus

As a Padawan, Kanan Jarrus saw his Jedi Master killed by Order 66 and he’s been on his own since. He’s been travelling the galaxy, tricking the Empire, being a playboy of sorts, and trying to forget his past as a Jedi, until he meets a pilot, who we’ll get to soon. She helps him embrace his past and fight the good fight against the Empire. As a master to Ezra, he has his doubts on his teachings and on how to approach things. He continues to grow as a character the most, allowing himself to keep learning the ways of the force. He knows he never completed his training as a Jedi, but Ezra helps him along the way. With a sarcastic humor and being a confident leader, who better to play him, than a Hamilton star? Javier Muñoz is able to play that leader, who may have bit off more than he can chew. I can just visibly see him giving words of wisdom to Ezra.


Rosario Dawson as Hera Syndulla

As a child in the Clone Wars, she always dreamed of flying; being the best pilot she could be. Of the Rebel crew in the show, she is the mother, she is the one that holds everyone together. Helping anyone by doing as much as she can for the Rebel Alliance and her family. We know through Rogue One that she becomes a General and rightly so. A brilliant and brave pilot who is willing to sacrifice herself for the cause. Now I know most people want Rosario Dawson for Ahsoka and while I love her and the character, it’s not a right fit. Now if you look at Rosario Dawson,  you can see her play a strong, capable person able to take care of herself, just like Hera. And just like how she glues the Marvel/Netflix heroes together, she can do the same with the Rebels.


Lana Condor as Sabine Wren

Sabine Wren is one of the more interesting characters, because up until recent events in the show, her past was a complete mystery. She abandoned her family for siding with the Empire, she escaped an Imperial Academy and joined the Rebel crew. She often keeps to herself and shows up when there’s a mission. She also happens to be a Mandalorian with a love for art and explosions, however there is more to her. Regret casts a large shadow over her and she tries her best to move on, bottling in all her emotions, until she learns to let it all out. Lana Condor was actually the first actress that came to my mind because I believe she’s able to show the badass that Sabine is, while also showing all the baggage that comes with the character.


Andy Serkis as Zeb Orrelios 

A strong warrior and one of the last of his species, Zeb is the grumpy uncle of the Rebel crew who just wants to fight for the sake of it. Though he may seem like the muscled brute, there is a pain in him and he hides his pain through his tough exterior. His home world was practically wiped out by the Empire and he’s made new home and family with the Rebel crew and as grumpy as he may act, he’s got a heart of gold. Andy Serkis is the best person for the role; his ability to show internal pain is unlike any other and his experience with Mo-cap will help bring the character to life. I believe there are some alien species that don’t work with practical effects and looking at the design of Zeb, it just won’t work. Serkis can give Zeb that gruff feel, while also showing us how sensitive he really is.


Sofia Boutella as Ahsoka Tano

Fan favorite character Ahsoka Tano came back to Star Wars in Rebels and left quite an impact. Her story isn’t over yet leaving room for more stories involving her. Being a former Jedi and Padawan to Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka has faced hardship. Though she is wise in the force and skilled with the lightsaber, her former master turned Darth Vader, haunts her.  Sofia Boutella is a skilled actress who’s able to drop some wisdom on you, and with her work in action films, she’ll do an amazing job with the lightsaber fights.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Agent Kallus

Agent Kallus is a secondary villain to the Rebel crew since the first episode. He’s been a constant thorn on their side since day 1 and a rival to Zeb. From the first season you see that this is a black and white bad guy; he does what he does because he’s with the Empire. But later in the series they dive into the character and we begin to see a change of heart from Kallus, risking his life to actually save others instead of tearing them down. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has the look and presence that is needed; he’s able to show us a ruthless, vile person and then change to a man of compassion and understanding.


Marton Csokas as The Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor is a mysterious character with an interesting background. Originally a Jedi Temple Guard until the Empire took over. He pledged his allegiance to the Emperor and was tasked with finding force sensitive children to either train them or kill them. Very knowledgeable in the way of the Jedi and their fighting techniques, he taunts Kanan while they fight, he takes satisfaction in killing and that is why Marton Csokas is perfect for the role. In Into the Badlands, Csokas plays a baron that’s at the end of his rope, making him more dangerous than ever. He’s skilled with the sword (in this case, lightsaber) and has a certain charm needed to play the Inquisitor.


Rinko Kikuchi as Seventh Sister & Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Fifth Brother

Two Inquisitors, tasked with finding Ahsoka Tano, compete against each other to be the next Grand Inquisitor. While both are filled with anger, one is more cunning and agile, the other is stronger and brutal. These are two characters that require actors with a strong presence and leave a lasting impression. Adewale isn’t a stranger to FX makeup and he has a strong, fearful presence that is needed from the Fifth Brother. Moving on, Rinko Kikuchi is a bad ass and the Seventh Sister is a badass. Kikuchi is capable of drawing you in, being able to show her range in the role, playing a woman filled with manipulation, frustration, anger, and kick ass fighting.


Zachary Quinto as Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn originally came from a trilogy of books in the early 90’s and he was loved by fans so much that they brought the character to the series and it was one of the best decisions they made. Being the only alien in the Imperial Navy, Thrawn quickly showed how much of a capable leader and strategist he is, conquering one victory after another. He calculates every decision and is 10 steps ahead of his opponents. Cunning and ruthless, the best person that came to mind to play him is Zachary Quinto. He’s able to portray someone who will offer very little mercy and never showing his true intentions. Quinto’s got that suave nature that goes with the Thrawn; always calm, always deadly.

I hoped you enjoyed this fancast and I urge you to see the series if you haven’t, you won’t regret it!

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