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‘Venom’ Film To Embody The Genres Of Horror And Science-Fiction

Venom, a film which has been thrown around the writing room and stuffed into the darkest depths of development hell since 2012 has recently been given a release date and production schedule.

My Entertainment World, a website which has been incredibly dependable with its listings these last few months, has announced that the movie will start filming this Fall and will be the complete epitome of a horror and science-fiction supervillain film.

This direction could prove interesting as the “Venom Symbiote” is a part of the Klyntar race from the Andromeda Galaxy. The film exploring Klyntar and its inhabitants could prove as an effective draw for audiences, and the horror elements could be similar to Ridley Scott’s Aliens. I mean both films would be utilizing an antagonist with slick, gross skin and corrosive bodily fluids.

However, fans, including myself, are already expressing disappointment  with the film as the rumours of both Spider-Man and the MCU being excluded from the villain’s standalone are being highly regarded as true.

Source: My Entertainment World

Venom slithers its way into theatres on October 5, 2018.

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