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Three Viewpoints, One Story, A Terrifying Rage of Emerald Inbound – Immortal Hulk #3 Review

The Immortal Hulk #3 Written by: Al Ewing Art by: Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Leonardo Romero, Paul Hornschemeier, Marguerite Savage, Garry Brown, Paul Mount, and Alex Ross (cover art) Published By: Marvel Comics Released: July 18th, 2018 Ever since I was young, the Hulk has always been a character who has stuck with me. Perhaps it’s due to his unique […]

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As Blood Fills London’s Streets, One Man Has The Chance to Save It…. Or Worse – Vampyr Review

Vampyr, a game from the creators of Life is Strange which exudes similarities to everything from Dark Souls, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. The game is definitely different from the studio’s previous release, Life is Strange, but still manages to bring to life fantastic storytelling and dialogue interactions in a similar fashion with this Action-RPG. The story is set in England, during the early twentieth […]

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GOC EXCLUSIVE – From XY Cell Lif3 to Sesame Street: Meet Julien and Justen Turner

Julien, 19, and Justen Turner, 15, are a pair of brothers inseparable through their craft as throughout their lives they’ve maintained a career focus within the realm of film-making as Julien trained himself through the lens of a camera, and utilized his skills in writing to conform with Justen’s abilities to edit, interact with technology, and perform extensive research when […]

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GOC Comic Reviews 11/1/17: DC Edition

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our first Comic Review round-up provided by the Comics Division of Geeks Of Color where we take on some of the issues of the week and give you our thoughts on them, enjoy! And, please, if you are interested in any of these books go on and support your Local Comic Shop. BATMAN: THE […]

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Freaks Of Color: Horror Heroes & Villains

Halloween, a time for those who wear creepy costumes as they ask for candy and perform trickery on unsuspecting citizens. But, besides all that, a little known fact is that your favorite major publishers ranging from Marvel to DC to Dark Horse have characters which not only embody the spooky but revel in its aura. These characters have spanned through […]

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RUMOR ALERT: Clint Barton Set To Take On An Alternate Heroic Identity In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Clint Barton, a Marvel character with an extensive history and series of alternate identities, will remove his title as Hawkeye within the new Avengers film and become the samurai-styled protagonist, Ronin! A mantle which was first donned by Maya Lopez and has been granted to individuals such as Red Guardian and even Blade!  Now, this piece of information comes from […]

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COMICS: Thanos Wins In Upcoming Marvel Legacy Arc

Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw, an astounding pair of creators who crafted the series God Country, team up to take on one of the Marvel Universe’s biggest (both literally and figuratively) threats: THANOS! By using a story arc which will rock the comic universe to its core and prove that Thanos might just be the most dangerous supervillain to ever […]

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COMICS: ‘Mystik U’ Will Feature Zatanna and Other Magical Characters In College

Zatanna Zatara, a magical superheroine who can perform a variety of offensive and defensive spells just by speaking backwards and now, with the inclusion of Mystik U, we will see the character in her college days. According to writer Alisa Kwitney and artist Mike Norton the book is “about a university for the magically gifted” and will showcase a “sheltered […]

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‘Hellboy’ Has Cast Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan

Hellboy, a Mike Mignola comic property which features the titular character as he takes on supernatural threats from around the globe, has received a second film franchise which will feature David Harbour as the demonic, Samaritan-wielding protagonist, Ian McShane as Hellboy’s father figure-esque supporting character “Professor Broom” and Milla Jovovich as Blood Queen, an evil Arthurian sorceress. Now, we can […]

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Spike Lee Developing A Dark Comedy/Thriller Television Show About A “Black Zuckerberg-like Protagonist”

According to Variety, a television series by Spike Lee known as Archer (unaffiliated with the animated, comedy spy series on FX) will be making it’s way to the small screen soon. The series is being described as a “dark comedy and sociological thriller capturing the life of a 20-something African-American coding genius and iconoclast living in Brooklyn who developed a […]