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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ On 4K Ultra HD And Blu-ray Is Packed With Exciting Bonus Features

Wonder Woman 1984 is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD!

The fate of the world is on the line and only Wonder Woman can save the day. This new chapter of Wonder Woman’s story finds Diana Prince living quietly among mortals in 1984. While Diana continues to maintain a low profile while working at the museum curating ancient artifacts and performing her superheroic acts incognito. However, it is short-lived as the Amazonian demi-goddess must use all her wisdom, strength and courage in order to save humankind from a world of its own making.

The follow-up to the beloved Wonder Woman released in 2017, Wonder Woman 1984 (directed by Patty Jenkins) features special features that will delight fans of the film with their various behind-the-scenes looks – including the making of the film, scene studies and a segment on Lily Aspell who portrays Young Diana.

Wonder Woman 1984 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & Digital combo pack (Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Special features included on the Wonder Woman 1984 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray release:

  • The Making of Wonder Woman 1984: Expanding the Wonder
  • Small But Mighty
  • Scene Study: The Mall
  • Scene Study: The Open Road
  • Meet the Amazons
  • Gag Reel
  • Gal & Kristen: Friends Forever
  • Gal & Krissy Having Fun
  • Black Gold Infomercial
  • Wonder Woman 1984 Retro Remix

The special features of Wonder Woman 1984 shine in their in-depth look at how the film was made. From the story concept to how everything was translated to the big-screen, there’s something for everyone in the special features. The parts that stood out were certainly The Making Of, Meet the Amazons and Small But Mighty. All three of these features is very in-depth and showcase some of the best elements of the film.

In The Making Of, audiences are given a behind-the-scenes look at how everything happened from start to finish. You see a glimpse of storyboards, you have various interviews with the cast and crew, you learn a lot about everything that was put into various scenes to make them more impactful for the big-screen. But the Meet the Amazons and Small But Mighty segments give an in-depth look at some of the characters we only see in the movie for a short time, the Amazons and young Diana. Both are very well done and it was nice to learn about the real people behind the characters.

Aside from the special features, the film looks stunning in 4K Ultra HD. As many of us didn’t have the luxury of being able to attend movie theatres safely when the film was initially released back on December 25, so being able to watch it in 4K Ultra HD was nice. The fireworks scene and the White House scenes were particularly great to see in 4K Ultra HD. All-in-all, fans of Wonder Woman and her cinematic journey will enjoy Wonder Woman 1984 on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD!

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