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‘Locke & Key’ Live-Action Fancast

Locke and Key is one of the most famous indie comics and arguably one of the best horror comics out there. It was published by IDW, and created by Joe Hill (Writer) and Gabriel Rodriguez (Illustrator.) This series follows 3 siblings of the Locke family: Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, as they move to Massachusetts into the family estate, Keyhouse, after the murder of their father at the hands of one of Tyler’s classmates, Sam Lesser.

In the house lie supernatural secrets, containing several keys with different powers, such as being able to transport anywhere in the world or changing your gender. However, lurking in the house is a demon of unknown origins who is trapped and seeks the mysterious Omega Key.

There is currently a series being developed on Netflix and so far only one actor has been cast. This is just my fancast, and it does not reflect the casting of the upcoming series in any way – although I do hope it is this diverse. Before I start I want to thank our awesome graphic designer Marie Garduño for the graphics!

Ross Butler as Tyler Locke
Ross Butler as Tyler Locke

Tyler Locke is the oldest of the Locke siblings. After feeling partly responsible for the attack on his mother and the death of his father, he tries his best to be the man of the house. He is a high school student who’s not really book smart, but still proves to be intelligent and the most cunning of his siblings. There’s a gentle giant quality with the character; although he is a big guy, much like his father, he’s actually quite shy and has a deadpan type humor to him. Those are some reasons why I believe Ross Butler of Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why, is the best fit for the role. He has the stature and the range to play the vulnerability needed with the character.

Lyrica Okano as Kinsey Locke
Lyrica Okano as Kinsey Locke

The middle child of the Locke siblings, Kinsey was once someone who constantly felt sad and afraid – until a certain supernatural key took that away. She became brave, and while it’s great quality, it does lead her to make reckless decisions. Though her boldness does help her, she realizes that fear is actually what will help her grow. She decides to deal with it and confront her trauma so she can move forward with it. This is why Lyrica Okano is perfect for the role! She plays a rather similar character as Nico Minoru in Marvel’s Runaways. Kinsey has this badass nature to her and Lyrica would be great in the role.

Ian Chen as Bode Locke
Ian Chen as Bode Locke

Bode is the youngest of his siblings and the most upbeat. Like any younger sibling/child, Bode is active and imaginative. So much so that sometimes his siblings can’t understand what going on with him. Being the youngest and most innocent of the siblings, he seems to have a knack of finding the mysterious keys in Keyhouse. Or quite possibly, the keys have a knack for finding him. An incredibly upbeat child should be played by an already upbeat child, which is why Ian Chen from Fresh Off the Boat is perfect for the role.

Indya Moore as Dodge
Indya Moore as Dodge

Dodge is the main antagonist of the series. Little is known about them other than they are a supernatural demon who seeks to find the Omega Key to open the Black Door, which houses several things worse than themselves. They are very persuasive, knowing just the right thing to say to manipulate other characters. Although they seem to have a cool demeanor, there is a viciousness to the character when upset, and they could become something terrifying. When Dodge contains the Gender Key, they mainly choose to be an attractive woman, so Indya Moore of Pose is perfect for the role.

Cameron Monaghan as Sam Lesser
Cameron Monaghan as Sam Lesser

Sam Lesser is the kid responsible for the death of Rendell Locke: the father of the Locke family. A classmate of Tyler, he grew up in an abusive household and was a deeply disturbed kid. But it was his manipulation by Dodge that really pushed him over the edge. He holds no empathy, has no problem killing, and often thinks of himself as a sociopath. Which is why I believe Cameron Monaghan of Shameless and Gotham fits the role just right, as he is known for playing characters with similar traits. He’s someone who can really bring out the deranged and scary in the character.

That concludes this fancast, hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you thought of it and what other characters you would like to see!


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