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Netflix’s ‘Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle’ is a Very Disappointing Sequel – Review

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle is now up and streaming on Netflix. This is the sequel to last year’s Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, which I also reviewed here.

Netflix’s Godzilla 2 comes across as a big disappointment.

**This review contains spoilers**

In my first review, I hit on a couple things I liked and a couple things that severely needed to be fleshed out more. Foremost of all these things are the characters. Part two does nothing to remedy this.

The movie starts out very slow and continues at a slow pace through the end. It is tough to care about the characters at all because none of their motivations are ever really given the time and energy to be compelling. This is a huge misstep because the movie had a chance to delve in more deeply in the differences between some of the races of humans and religion vs. nature vs. technology. This of course fits into the overarching Godzilla theme of technology vs. nature.


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Even the climactic final battle just doesn’t carry any real weight to it. Godzilla will attack and the humans will defend. The “city” in the title refers to MechaGodzilla City and I honestly did not mind what the movie did with the whole MechaCity concept. At the final battle all we got was more flying robots vs. Godzilla like the first movie.

The people want MechaGodzilla vs. Godzilla. The poster (shown below), which teases MechaGodzilla and Mothra (Twins), certainly did not do the movie any favors.



The third movie is currently in development titled Godzilla: Stareater and the poster (shown below) features what would have to be the iconic three heads of King Ghidorah on the poster, right? But you know, who knows if it’s just another tease.

Once again, I enjoy when movies commit completely to an artistic animation style. I did enjoy the style and sounds of the movie but that alone is not nearly enough for redemption here. This movie begins, things happen, and then the movie ends exactly the same way it started.

Hopefully the third movie will be better. At least it’s free, right? Save us Mothra.


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