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Legion S2 Ep. 8 ‘Chapter 16’ Review

Syd makes a realization of bout her relationship with David. David goes against orders. More great moments with Oliver and Farouk. Oh and Ptonomy is hooked up to a supercomputer?

Spoiler’s Ahead

The race to find Amoul Farouk’s body is officially on! Yeah, that’s right, we’re back to the main plot, but admittedly it felt rather boring. Though the episode does have great stuff. The relationship between Syd and David has developed very well through the season and is actually one of the best parts of the series. However, Syd’s feelings are changing and it seems that a lot of our characters are about to go through something.

Syd doesn’t have the same feelings for David anymore and realizes that she needs to save love instead of being in it; the mindset of the future Syd. She tells all this to Clark and Melanie overhears. Melanie makes a return after being absent for half the season so far.

The episode starts rather freaky as we discover Ptonomy is in Admiral Fukuhara’s mind/supercomputer. I know it sounds weird, but we get a brief origins on the mysterious Admiral and it’s a little tormenting. With Ptonomy inside the Admiral’s mind, he finds the monk that jumped off the roof, a couple episodes back (I know, it feels like it was a long time ago.) He see’s everything in Division 3 and knows the location of Farouk’s body, which he tells David. This might also be the first episode where Ptonomy has been the most useful this season.

Now David seems like he’s slowly turning into the villain that was hinted last episode. In trying to find the body, David strategizes by controlling and using Division 3 member as pawns in his scheme to have Lenny escape. Then, he decides to go AWOL, only leaving a note to Syd, in order to find the body. He’s already manipulating and using his powers against his allies to do what he thinks is best…

Sadly, Farouk and Oliver are already a day ahead of David. More than their conversations, their mannerisms are so sophisticated and casual. Both have that in common which makes their conversations all the better.

We can only wait and see what happens next. It seems almost like time was reversed, but who can really tell with this show?

What’d did you think of the episode? Episode 9 (Chapter 17) of Legion airs Tuesday, May 29 at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX.



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