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Black History: John Diggle's Top 10 Moments

Fans of the CW’s Arrowverse has had the pleasure to see many good characters grow into great heroes, but it’s time to honor a very special one. In honor of Black History Month, I’ve decided to highlight one of my favorite Black characters: John Diggle. (This has Arrow spoilers, so be sure to catch up before you read!) From an […]

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Favorite Films of the Decade

To say this was an incredible decade for film is a massive understatement. With advancing technology, a profound popularity of superheroes, and more diverse filmmakers getting a chance, this decade has been a real treat for cinephiles and casual movie-goers alike. So to celebrate the new year and the new decade, here’s a list of the best movies from each […]

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SDCC 2019: Top ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Related Reveals

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 just came to an end and many are calling it one for the books. The 50th Comic-Con in history was nothing short of marvelous (pun intended). Marvel dominated the week with huge news circulating their film, television, and comic divisions. Of course, Marvel Studios’ riveting “Phase 4” slate drop is at the top of these circulations. […]

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‘Man of Steel’ – Five Years Later

 “I grew up in Kansas, General. I’m about as American as it gets.” Man of Steel flew into theatres five years ago and was received with mixed reactions from critics and fans. Many were stunned with the change in tone, while others were elated with a break from past iterations of our favorite alien superhero. Over the past five years, […]

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‘Wonder Woman’ – One Year Later

“I used to want to save the world; this beautiful place. But I knew so little then…” So, it’s been a year since Wonder Woman charged into theaters, breaking many records along the way. It was the first modern-day superhero film since Marvel’s Elektra to feature a female superhero in her own solo movie – something that I believe many […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 8 ‘Chapter 16’ Review

Syd makes a realization of bout her relationship with David. David goes against orders. More great moments with Oliver and Farouk. Oh and Ptonomy is hooked up to a supercomputer? Spoiler’s Ahead The race to find Amoul Farouk’s body is officially on! Yeah, that’s right, we’re back to the main plot, but admittedly it felt rather boring. Though the episode […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 7 ‘Chapter 15’ Review

The episode shifts gears again to focus on the plot of finding Farouk’s body, but things get insane, quite literally… Spoilers Ahead All of the narrations describing our brain and a person psychosis officially come into play this episode. The lesson from this episode was ‘Moral Panic’ and how we should be more afraid of those frightened since it could lead […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 6 ‘Chapter 14’ Review

We get one of the most interesting and arguably the saddest episode of the series so far, as we explore different timelines/realities into David’s life and see what could’ve been… Spoilers Ahead We take a break from Division 3, Farouk, and every supporting character to focus on David. In an episode as confusing as this one, you have to see […]

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#SOTD: Alan Silvestri – The Avengers Theme

Avengers: Infinity War just hit theaters last week and I’m not here to talk about whether you liked it or not but to discuss one of the best superhero compositions ever. As a Marvel fan, I can admit that when it came to their film scores, they felt rather weak. They aren’t usually as epic as I’d like them to be, they […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 5 ‘Chapter 13’ Review

We get back on track to the plot of the season with find Farouk’s body. Lenny’s back but how is that possible if her body blew up last season? How close are Oliver and Farouk to find his body? Some are answered and some are not, leaving us with more question as always Spoilers Ahead Lenny’s back! Or should I […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 4 ‘Chapter 12’ Review

This is the shortest episode of the season thus far but it’s also the most emotional. David’s relationship with Syd is put to the ultimate test… Spoilers Ahead Last episode we saw David going into the mind of his friends, disinfecting the virus caused by the monk. In their minds, David has to figure out what they want and then […]

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Captain America: The MCU’s Most Idealistic Hero

Steve Rogers didn’t start off as everyone’s favorite Avenger, but through his films and Chris Evans’s amazing performance in the role, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t Team Cap. Steve’s arc through the years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been one of the best. As mentioned in my Iron Man article the juxtaposition between Steve and Tony […]

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Breaking Down Iron Man: The Father of the MCU

The character of Tony Stark/Iron Man has gone through so much over the 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU.) He was the one that started it all and the progression of Tony, from his first film to Homecoming feels completely natural and grounded.There is an interesting arc with Tony that can also be compared to Steve Rogers/Captain America. […]

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Legion S2 Ep. 3 ‘Chapter 11’ Review

Things go south for Division 3. David’s friends are trapped. Amahl Farouk tells David where he can get help to find his body. And there’s a cow that appears at specific moments? Weird, I know but what else can you expect? Spoilers Ahead The episode starts with a lesson on ‘Conversion’ by our unknown narrator. We learn that our mind […]