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Deadpool Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game Available for Pre-Order

It’s no surprise that Deadpool 2 has been excelling in theaters since its release, topping box office charts in no time.  To celebrate, GameStop is offering fans an opportunity to pre-order the Monopoly Marvel Deadpool Collector’s Edition that will be sold by Hasbro.

Photo via GameStop

A description of the game from GameStop reads:

The Marvel Deadpool Collector’s Edition of the Monopoly game features premium foil packaging, stylized gameboard art, and Chimichanga, Bandage, and Unicorn Boxes to hold game components. It also includes a token based on Deadpool’s cozy bunny slippers! Players can enjoy traditional Monopoly gameplay with the crazy humor of Marvel’s comic book character. Players move around the board hiring as many Mercenaries and buying as many Sweet Rides as they can. The last player with any money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins!

The game will function similarly just as regular Monopoly is played, but players get to enjoy the limited-edition packaging and the game tokens, along with some cozy, warm, and cute bunny slippers.

Photo via Comic Book

You can pre-order this Monopoly set from GameStop here for $39.99, which is slated to ship out later this year on October 31.  And it seems like GameStop has the exclusive pre-order availability so there may not be other routes to secure this board game.

Photo via GameStop

Will you pre-order this Collector’s Edition?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book

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