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Legion S2 Ep. 6 ‘Chapter 14’ Review

We get one of the most interesting and arguably the saddest episode of the series so far, as we explore different timelines/realities into David’s life and see what could’ve been…

Spoilers Ahead

We take a break from Division 3, Farouk, and every supporting character to focus on David. In an episode as confusing as this one, you have to see it twice to really understand what’s going on. Although, rewatching every episode is almost a necessity to understand it. While the past few episodes haven’t had much to do with the actual narrative of the season, it can be forgiven with the time put into exploring individual characters in such an eerie, yet fascinating way.

The last episode, Farouk told David that “You decide what is real and what is not your will.” He’s telling David that he is so much more powerful than he thinks he is and that he has the ability to change reality if he sees fit. We know that with the help of Oliver, they were able to put the conscious mind and DNA of Lenny into David’s sister, Amy, body. Now here’s where I can be wrong, but I believe it’s in that moment where he taps into the different timelines/realities of his life and sees the progression on how exactly he became those Davids.

There are several distinct David’s. There is a homeless David, who doesn’t have control of his powers and is a danger to many people. There’s even a scene that pays homage to A Clockwork Orange, only this time David obliterates the teenagers beating him up. This causes Division 3 to hunt him down in public and is ultimately when Kerry splits him in half. There’s also a David, who can’t deal with his life and ultimately commits suicide.

There is a David who’s so heavily medicated he can barely think and goes about his day in a lull. He’s treated like a child and is misunderstood by the public and the police. There’s a David that’s a junkie who talks about how each action create branches in a timeline in a restaurant while freaking out the patrons. He doesn’t know he’s a mutant, he just hears voices in his head and was labeled ‘crazy.’ Each of these timelines is allegories for what some people with mental illness go through.

There is only one other timeline where everything seemingly goes well for David, he worked for this Law firm when he was younger and we assume he rose his way to the top. He becomes the richest person in the world, but it isn’t really David, but Farouk inside David, calling himself the ‘Unifier’ almost like he’s a prophet of some kind. In all these timelines we visit, none of them end well for David, except for the one we see in the very first episode of the series.

This episode also reinforces Amy’s important role in David’s life or lives? This is confusing. Regardless, after we assume she dies in the last episode, we see just how much she truly loves her brother and how much she was a part of David’s life, which makes her death(?) more impactful.

Without relying on any of the supporting cast, Dan Stevens does an amazing job portraying different versions of the same character. This season is really outdoing itself so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

What did you think of the episode? Episode Six (Chapter 14) of Legion airs Tuesday, May 15 at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX.

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