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Legion S2 Ep. 3 ‘Chapter 11’ Review

Things go south for Division 3. David’s friends are trapped. Amahl Farouk tells David where he can get help to find his body. And there’s a cow that appears at specific moments? Weird, I know but what else can you expect?

Spoilers Ahead

The episode starts with a lesson on ‘Conversion’ by our unknown narrator. We learn that our mind can create physical realities. It stems from Conversion Disorder: a body converts a mental stress to physical symptoms and can be contagious. An example would be a twitch and it isn’t limited to human beings, but it can spread to people like a virus. And the lesson ends with a fascinating question that not only fits perfectly with what’s happening in the series but asks the audience for us to figure out. “If the idea of illness can become an illness, what else about our reality is actually a disorder?”

We learn about Farouk’s demise and how he was taken to a monastery by The Monks of the Order of Migo. There they place his body in an egg-like tomb deep underground, but we realize the body is destroyed. It pounds all day trying to escape and the only thing keeping it alive in his mind. So naturally, David goes and ask Farouk on where to find his body, but we meet the actual Lenny who’s begging to escape and pleads David to save her. Throughout David’s conversation with Farouk, Lenny tries several times to kill herself but with success.

Farouk gives his backstory to David about how his father stopped him when he knew nothing of what he was doing. It’s always nice to see a tease of Prof. X. Farouk tells him that a monk who is infected with the chattering teeth virus knows where it is and must find him in Division 3 now that it’s on lockdown since he escaped.

What follows is a fun, trippy adventure as David tries to free his friends from the Virus with the help of Cary, who helps gives the audience some much-needed exposition into what exactly is happening. We delve into Ptonomy mind where he just lives without a past or future and simply exist in the now. Of all the characters that need more to do, Ptonomy is definitely the one. It seems that he isn’t an integral part of the group and when he is on screen he doesn’t seem to do much. Hopefully, that changes later on in the season.

Melanie and Kerry are also infected and inside Melanie’s mind is one big dark room filled with a keyboard, giant letters, and a crippled minotaur, but is eventually cured. Kerry, on the other hand, isn’t cured yet and when Cary notices her, he starts to actually break down which makes for this sad awkward, yet funny interaction, but then he disappears. It’s odd and we can only guess what happens to him. But each time David free’s his friends a cow appears in the same room they are. What does this mean? I have no idea; more questions for us to ask.

David finds the Monk and enters his mind. The Monk does not trust David to kill Farouk’s body since he also saw his mind and instead of helping him, jumps off the building. We learn that Syd from the future has sent him a message that says, ‘Hurry.’ It seems that time is running out for both of them, but who really knows. It ends with David going into the mind of present day Syd who is also infected and he walks through a snowstorm and then credits.

This episode felt a lot more grounded if that makes sense. There was a clear plot as to the episode and what needed to happen. It’s definitely one of the more cohesive episodes, but that doesn’t mean everything still makes sense. Things are still confusing and I for one can’t wait to ask more questions next week.

What did you think of the episode? Episode Three (Part 12) of Legion airs Tuesday, April 24 at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX.

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