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Legion S2 Ep. 1 ‘Chapter 9’ Review

Last time on Legion, David and the rest of the mutants are able to survive and escape the Shadow King, Farouk but he flees into Oliver’s mind and goes on the run. David gets sucked into an orb and that’s the last we see of him until now…

Spoilers Ahead

A LOT happens in this episode, so much so that one can say it’s rather dense and I wouldn’t disagree, but seeing what’s changed and what we might see moving forward, it’s hard not to be excited.

There’s a time jump this season; it’s been one year, or according to Syd, 362 days to be exact, but for David, it feels like it’s only been a day. But in his absence so much has changed. The episode delivers on explaining where we are in the story and what comes next, as well as growing the worldbuilding. We learn more about Division 3 (but we also have more questions about them), the organization who hunted mutants last season, have now teamed up with the mutants of Summerland, both with the same goal: to locate and eliminate the Shadow King. Not only that, we see who runs Division 3 and it’s… weird, but with a show like this, I expect nothing less. The organization is run by Admiral Fukuyama, a person who wears a wicker basket and has three android-like women communicate for him. I believe there’s something exciting to be revealed with this character, as to what, I don’t know.

In a discussion with David & Fukuyama, we learn that Farouk is trying to find his original body and once he does, he will be unstoppable. So now it’s a race to see who can get to the body first! So now we know what the driving story is for the season, but I believe there’s so much more to it than that. Noah Hawley (Showrunner) has basically crafted his own mythology with the character and the settings and if there’s one thing we learned from last season, we honestly have no idea what can happen next.

The mutants of Summerland have made themselves quite useful in Division 3. Syd and Melanie are the heads of the Strategy division, Cary is Research, and Kerry is Tactical. Then there’s Clark, who was an antagonist for all of the last season but seems to be working with mutants very well, though we’ll have to see how long that lasts…

David’s journey hasn’t changed as much since he still needs to learn how to hone his powers correctly, he still cannot be trusted with his own mind. There are fragments of his memories that are having a hard time be resurfaced and apparently we meet a Syd from the future who put him in the orb and tells him to help find the Shadow King’s body. Whether this is real or Farouk playing games with him, we don’t know, but I’m willing to guess it’s a trap.

Now some people might be wondering, ‘Is it still as trippy and weird, like last season?’ and the answer is YES. There has always been a cinematic quality to the series, but here I saw elements of David Lynch, specifically his series Twin Peaks in some of the setting and its surrealist nature, as well as Stanley Kubrick. You forget how gorgeous this series is, how seamless the transitions are, how fluid the pace is; it’s almost impossible to not admire the craft in creating the episode (and the series as a whole).

In trying to remember memories of David’s disappearance we get another musical/dance number and it was something to watch. It was electrifying, absorbing, the music was hypnotic, putting me in a dreamlike trance as I couldn’t help but watch the bizarre but wildly entertaining dance battle between David and Oliver/Lenny/Farouk. The sequence is probably one of the best sequences the series has put out, as of now. There is also a nice little origin story of Farouk that starts off weird and then takes a dark turn. It feels like an infomercial like we’re being taught something important.

Will you be confused while watching this episode? Yes, but that’s Legion as a whole. We may get answers to certain questions, but often times we’ll have more questions to ask.
What did you think of the episode? Episode Two (Part 10) of Legion airs Tuesday, April 10 at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX.

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