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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 15 ‘Necromancing the Stone’ Review

The Death Totem takes control of Sara, unleashing Mallus to control her, forcing the Legends to find a way to stop her. An episode with a great balance of action, comedy, and drama with certain characters.

Spoilers Ahead

The Death Totem calls to Sara and tempted her with using it. With a part of Mallus already inside Sara, trapping her consciousness inside his realm. He’s able to take control her and manipulate the other Legends, by becoming the thing that makes the Legends vulnerable.

But before that, we get a sweet scene with Ava and Sara, together in bed. The progression of both characters from despising one another, to having some tension between them, to being in a relationship, happened rather quickly, but the writing of it never felt forced; it felt natural. Of course, she has to go back to work and when she checks in she see’s that something is not right with Sara, so she takes Gary to meet Constantine where we get the funniest scenes.

We get some awkwardness as we learn that Constantine also slept with Sara and there’s almost like a love triangle of some sorts, but it’s funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Surprisingly, its the bumbling agent Gary, who helps Constantine and Ava find Sara on the ship by retelling his D&D quest. Nerds can save the day.

Back on the ship, the Legends are trapped in the Medbay where Ray is unconscious and healing. Ray tried to rebuild the Fire Totem and was successful but Mallus controlling Sara, beat him to a bloody pulp leaving him inactive for most of the episode. So who better than a speedster to go in and knock her out? Wally goes and looks for her but finds Jessie Quick instead. Wally starts to break down but tells her that he’s better and he grew as a person because she broke up with him, which is great for Wally to see his arc play out with the Legends. Of course, it isn’t really Jessie and is Mallus projecting Wally’s vulnerability and gives enough time to use the anti-speed gun and knock him out for the rest of the episode.

Then it’s Zari’s turn. She goes to the ship’s engines and sees her younger brother who was killed. Breaking down, she resists only to also have been knocked out. Then it’s Nates turn; he goes looking for the Earth Totem since only a totem can defeat a totem. But as he grabs it he see’s his grandfather; Nate starts to break down and gets beaten to a bloody pulp until Constantine, Ava, and Gary arrive.

Meanwhile, Mick who’s been grumpier this episode than most, is given a pep talk by Zari that’s his hero and he has it in him all along, and who better to wield the Fire Totem than Heatwave? He stops Mallus and here we learn a very important thing, each member of the Legends are meant to be Totem Bearers to defeat Mallus. And Sara is meant to wield the Death Totem, but first, she has to learn to control it.

There are some episodes this season where time traveling isn’t entirely important to progress the story and characters. They manage to create a great balance with characters, even the ones sidelined. Each character fits the story of the episode and I would also like to point out that it’s nice seeing Ava be almost like an honorary member of the team. Although that doesn’t last long as we get a heartbreaking breakup between her and Sara. But on the bright side, Constantine is coming back and trouble is just getting started

What did you think of the episode? Episode Sixteen of Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday, March 26 at 8:00pm EST on the CW.

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