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Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep. 14 ‘Amazing Grace’ Review

This week on Legends, we get a character-driven episode with every member get a chance to interact with one another and have their own moments, while also moving the story forward.

Spoilers Ahead 

We know that Wally West has officially joined the Legends and he starts to get familiar with his new roommate Zari, who spend the entire episode together. Zari is basically tasked with moving Wally in and understanding how things work. Although it feels like she’s been in the team a while, Zari is still technically a new member and we see just how much she’s learned from the Legends as she passes them down to Wally.

On board the ship, things are changing. Mick’s pet rat Axel is now named Josh Groban, Nate’s hair is dull, and someone switched Zari’s Guitar Hero to Trombone Hero. A young Elvis Presley has bought a cursed guitar and his ‘devil music’ literally spreads evil. His guitar has the Death Totem, causing spirits/ghosts to rise from their graves. And the only person who can stop it is Elvis himself, which he does, and his music unites people like never before as his career as a musician really starts to take off. Even though we moved the Totem story along, it didn’t feel like the main focus.

The quest for the Totem was really only used as a device to highlight the chemistry between the members of the team, especially Nate and Amaya. Nate is trying to find Amaya and his music moment, a song that plays and is perfect for the 2 of them. The entire time they interact is filled with sweet, loving banter. They really do love each other and it shows. Both characters have grown this season, but we know that eventually, it won’t last forever and it will be heartbreaking when we see it happen.

Sara, Mick, and Ray are more sidelined to the ship and are the main source of comedy this episode. Mick’s pet rat (now known as Josh Groban) has died and Ray decides to throw a little funeral service on the ship. Ray felt responsible since it died to drink a chemical and this is just another reason why everyone likes Ray. He’s such a good-intentioned person. Sara has a few lines here and there, but we soon see that the rat’s ghost starts to run around the ship. Nothing major happens which I felt was a bit weird, it was more of a ‘WTF’ moment for the team. But the ending is rather sweet as wee see Mick say goodbye to his pet and move on.

Damien Darhk and the other set of antagonist take the back seat and are only mentioned in a few lines. The only person you can consider an antagonist is Elvis’s uncle Lucious, who prevents Elvis from playing Rock music until he’s turned around on it. But after last weeks episode, we needed to shift back to the entire team and learn to appreciate them and see how great they always are together. More than anything it’s a sweet episode, with tender moments and funny gags. Now next weeks episode seems to be a total departure from this one, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

What did you think of the episode? Episode Fifteen of Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday, March 19 at 8:00pm EST on the CW.

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