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Storm Solo Film Fancast

This weekend Marvel’s Black Panther, which opens in theaters today, is about to prove to exactly what Black folks have always known: our heroes are more than capable of not only changing the game but also bringing in tons of money. Marvel’s Black Panther has already proven that it is a force to be reckoned with, a force that is about to kick some doors in Hollywood right off the hinges. For ages, many of us have been shouting at Hollywood at the top of our lungs that Storm of the X-Men deserves her own solo movie. So in honor of Black Panther and the former Queen of Wakanda, I decided to put together a short fancast for a solo Storm movie.

Deborah Ayorinde as Storm

Storm debuted in May of 1975 in the pages of Giant Sized X-Men #1. Storm is easily one of the most recognizable and popular of the X-Men characters. She has held many roles within the X-Men Universe. She has been an orphan, a thief, a Goddess, leader of the X-men, Queen of Wakanda, and leader of the Morlocks. Armed with the power to manipulate the weather, Storm is easily one of the most powerful and dangerous X-Men, Her kind yet stern and motherly nature makes her the embodiment of Mother Nature. Luke Cage‘s Deborah Ayorinde would make for a fantastic Storm.

David Oyelowo and Yetide Badaki as David and N’Dare Munroe

David and N’Dare Munroe are the parents of Ororo “Storm” Munroe. David was an African American photojournalist. N’Dare was an African princess from a tribe of magically inclined women, a lineage which would be partially responsible for Storm’s abilities. When Storm was just six years old, David and N’Dare died when a plane crashed into their house. The crash trapped young Storm under the roof of the home with her mother’s corpse. This would be the origin of Storm’s intense claustrophobia. David Oyelowo and Yetide Badaki would be absolutely perfect as David and N’Dare.

Yaya Deng as Ashake

Ashake is one of Storm’s many ancestors. She shares the same white hair and blue eyes that are genetic to Storm’s family. She is a powerful sorceress from Ancient Egypt and a servant of the goddess Ma’at. Ashake shares a striking resemblance to her descendant Storm which strike both Magik and Kitty Pryde when she aided them after they were lost in time. Model Yaya Deng would absolutely slay the role of Storm’s ancestor Ashake.

Amr Waked as Achmed Al-Gibar

Achmed Al-Gibar was a master thief in Cairo who trained Storm on how to open any lock. He took a liking to the orphaned girl after her parents died and took her on as his own. Gibar was fond of Storm and did his best to protect and train her. Amr Waked is such a talented actor that I think he would be able to perfectly portray the thief with a heart of gold father figure.

Rinko Kikuchi as Yukio 

Yukio and Storm have one of the most iconic “friendships” in the X-Men universe. Their relationship is only ever described as a friendship, but there is an understanding between many fans that Yukio and Storm were unofficially much more than friends. Their relationship is based on the fact that Yukio’s carefree rebellious spirit resonated with Storm. Yukio inspired one of the most iconic changes in Storm aka the rebellious Mohawk era. Rinko Kikuchi is the perfect choice to portray the kickass and free spirited Yukio.

Uri Gavriel as Shadow King

The Shadow King was born from the first nightmare. He is the embodiment of the darkness in the souls of humans and when the mutant Amahl Farouk’s powers developed, he unwittingly came to merge with the Shadow King. The Shadow King is an important figure in Storm’s past as a thief as Amahl was the king of Cairo’s thieving underworld. The Shadow King is also a huge nemesis for not just Storm, but also Professor X. The Dark Knight Rises‘s Uri Gavriel is the perfect choice to portray the larger than life Shadow King.

Sylvia Hoeks as Callisto

Callisto is the leader and one of the founders of the Morlocks. She initially had the perfect life, but upon being scarred she realized that society found little use and value in women who aren’t beautiful and perfect. She retreated underground where she met other mutants like her and formed the Morlocks. Over the years Callisto and Storm have had a complicated and oftentimes violent relationship. Blade Runner 2049‘s Sylvia Hoeks would perfectly portray Callisto’s anger and instablity.

Akosua Busia as Ainet

Ainet is the adoptive mother of Storm. She is the high priestess of a tribe in Kilimanjaro. She is a talented sorceress and also a kind and loving woman. Ainet is part of why Storm evolved from a wreckless teenager into a caring, responsible, woman who considers her actions. It was during her time with Ainet that Storm learned the responsibility that having her powers requires when she accidentally threw off the natural flow of nature in order to aid their village.

Storm is easily one of the most iconic mutants in the entire history of the X-Men. Storm has for years proven that she is more than capable of not only commanding her own story but also commanding the entirety of the X-Men team. In an age where representation and diversity has taken center stage of pop culture, it’s more than high time that we get another Black female lead superhero film. Storm is the character to make the jump. In conclusion, I’d like to thank the amazing @britany_murphs for the amazing graphics.


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