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Sherlock Holmes Inspired Anime Is in the Works from Director of ‘VOLTRON’

Steve Ahn, a Director who worked on VOLTRON and The Legend of Korra, is producing a new mystery series based on the tales of Sherlock Holmes.

Steve Ahn is working on a new twist to the Holmes story. Blossom Detective Holmes: Selfie with a Strange Intruder, follows Skylar Holmes and her partner Jamie as they push their detective skills to the limits to solve a suspicious robbery. Skylar Holmes benefits from a heightened sense of smell, allowing her to quickly gather details using nothing more than her nose. Jamie, the Watson of the series, uses more conventional methods to crack cases and is noted as meticulous and using visible evidence and logic. Along with her deduction skills, Jame holds a special Polaroid camera, allowing her to snap herself and Holmes to teleport out of danger in an instant.


Joining Ahn in the production of the show are several artist and animators with impressive resumes, coming from studies like Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks and even Studio Ghibli. Right now Ahn has a roughly 6-minute long pilot episode available on the show’s Kickstarter page. As of now, the plan is to create 5 episodes with runtimes of 6 minutes each, excluding the ending credits.

Check out the pilot down below and leave a comment letting us know what you think!



Source: Kotaku

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