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Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie To Get Marvel Comics Treatment in Upcoming ‘Exiles’ Book

The Taika Waititi directed Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters last October and one of the best moments of the film was its introduction to the MCU’s Valkyrie. Played perfectly by Tessa Thompson, Brunnhilde -the last of the Valkyries- aids Thor on his quest to save Asgard.

Now, we will see Thompson’s version of Valkyrie in comic book form when she plays a part in the upcoming, Exiles. In a statement, series editor, Wil Moss said, “Like everyone else who has seen Taika Waititi’s brilliant Thor: Ragnarok movie, all of us on Team Exiles are big fans of Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie.”


Exiles #1 Cover by David Marquez (courtesy of Marvel Comics)


To Moss, the decision was a no brainer and he continued, “So when we realized that we had the perfect series — where the roster is made up of alternate reality versions of Marvel heroes — to introduce a comic book equivalent of that version of Valkyrie, we jumped at the chance!”

Series writer, Saladin Ahmed described Valkyrie as, “the Lone defender of Asgard” and that the design was inspired by Tessa Thompson’s “swagger” in Thor: Ragnarok.

Are you excited to see Thompson’s version of Valkyrie in comic form? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

Exiles #1 is set for release on April 11!

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