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The World of Netflix’s Witcher Series Won’t Be Watered Down Says Writer

The world of The Witcher, whether in Andrzej Sapkowski’s books/short stories or in CD Projekt Red’s trilogy of games, is brutal, unforgiving and so morally gray that it often feels too real for comfort. The Witcher’s acclaimed fantastical elements don’t merely compliment the world, they heighten it as war, poverty, prejudice and unspeakable malice all ravish the 13th Century setting.

A live action television series, then, should explore this in-depth, especially with Netflix at the helm. However, some fans of the series are concerned this may not be the case. To allay such worries, the writer of the impending Netflix project responded with the following on Twitter (via

Lauren S. Hissrich promising it won’t be watered down should put fans at ease; she has worked on Netflix’s Daredevil, after all. Either way, the wait to learn more will likely be a long one. Details regarding story and casting aren’t publicly known, and a release date has yet to be revealed.

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