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Arrow Can No Longer Use Deathstroke Due to DCEU Film

The CW’s ever-growing Arrowverse is no stranger to giving up certain characters and/or storylines because of decisions being made on the DC Films side of things. One of the characters pivotal to the foundation of the Arrowverse will be shelved once more due to such a move. It seems that for now, fans are to bid goodbye to Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson/Deathstroke as Warner Bros. prepares the villain’s development in the DCEU.

During an ACE Comic-Con interview with Discussing Film (via IGN), Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed WB and DC are reinstating limitations on the use of the mercenary.

“For a time they were saying ‘you can’t use Deathstroke’, and that changed and we were able to have Slade Wilson back on the show, and now we’re back to ‘you can’t use him,'” he said.

Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Elaborating, Guggenheim noted why the shows are beholden such roles, citing the official introduction of Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke in Justice League as one reason:

“These are DC’s characters; we’re just renting them you know, so we use the characters that they tell us we can use when we can use them, and we work around whatever limitations that places us.”

Other notable instances include the Suicide Squad’s axing from Arrow as the film was being developed, as well as Deathstroke’s previously being shelved in the show’s Seasons 3 and 4. At least this time, the character received a worthy send off, thanks to Season 6’s two-episode arc with “Deathstroke Returns” and “Promises Kept.”

Arrow returns Thursday, January 18. Deathstroke’s next outing in the DCEU is unclear, but the Terminator does have a solo film in development with Gareth Evans at the helm.

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