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Character Reveal for The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Arrives Sunday

During the chaos of New York Comic-Con came the reveal that many fans of The Walking Dead had been patiently awaiting for several years–AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are finally crossing over. At the time of the announcement, Robert Kirkman and crew were being tight-lipped about precisely what such a pairing would entail. The one detail made public, though, was the following statement from Kirkman:

“We want these shows to have their own legs and have their own stories and be their own. There are two ‘Walking Dead’ shows. There is one character that is going to go from one show — that I will not name — and appear in the other show — that I will not name.”

The name of the mystery character in question will soon become public knowledge. During the November 26 episode of Talking Dead, the talk show that airs immediately after The Walking Dead’s east coast showings, an announcement will officially be made. The tease comes courtesy of TWD’s Twitter account:

Speculation, of course, abounds about who the character will be; after all, it’s still unclear which show is set to feature the special guest star. Who do you think is making the jump? Sound off with your thoughts and theories in the comments.

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