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Japanese Animation Market Surpasses 2 Trillion Yen for 2016 Revenue

For the first time ever, the Japanese animation market has passed 2 trillion yen (or 17.7 billion dollars) in domestic and international sales. The Association of Japanese Animations, which conducted a survey of the industry, said the market has grown by over 10% since 2015.

The survey itself includes market trends across TV, movies, video, internet distribution (legally), merchandising, music, overseas, Panchinko and other similar usages, and live entertainment.

The report also notes the takeover of late-night anime over kids and family anime. With this rise in sales and more mature subject matters, the AJA is wondering if this marks the beginning of the “4th anime boom,” with more interesting subject matters and revenue to come.

The Japanese releases of Your Name and In This Corner of the World brought in a record revenue of 66.3 billion yen, a 41% increase over 2015.

The future of anime seems to be within changing subject matters and increases in both live entertainment and increases in the overseas market.

Source: Variety

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