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The Duffer Brothers Confirm ‘Stranger Things 3’ is In The Works

Take a break from binge watching Stranger Things 2 friend, and read about the upcoming seasons before you start your next episode! Stranger Things creators, Matt & Ross Duffer blessed us with such an amazing series. When asked a while back what the show’s future looks like, the Duffer brothers said that things may be coming to an end with season 4. The two recently sat with Deadline and talked about how season 3 is coming along and confirmed that they’ve already started on the writing! Check it out below:

“The hardest thing with this story is that we were tracking these multiple storylines and having them sort of build about at the same pace as to crescendo at the same time. It’s always the hardest part as we move into writing. Like we’re starting on Season 3 now, it’s always the most difficult thing just to get those to build simultaneously. It’s always a challenge, and so we’re still learning. I mean, we’re trying to do this eight-hour, nine-hour movie so to get that pacing just right, you know, it’s always hard.”


I hear that. Pacing for a Netflix show, especially one with as many twists & turns as Stranger Things, can be quite the challenge. Luckily, the show and fans are in good hands with the Duffer bros. Here’s hoping that we actually get 10 lit seasons, I expect nothing less. Check out our review of the first episode here & get back to binge watching the show, what’re you waiting for!?

Source: Deadline

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