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Keke Palmer, Jessica Sula & RJ Cyler Joins MTV’s ‘Scream’ Cast

MTV’s 3rd season of the cult-classic, Scream, is in for a reboot and it is full of melanin this time around so naturally, I’m here for it. In addition to an entirely new cast and storyline, Brett Matthews (The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural) will be the showrunner with Queen Latifah, Shakim Conpere and Yaneley Arty joining as executive producers. It’s lit!

The cast includes KeKe Palmer who has some experience in the genre from her recent go at Fox’s Scream Queens (season 1 is genius by the way, go check it out). According to Deadline, Palmer will play Kym, a rebel with a thousand causes, who is a bold and beautiful social activist with a big heart and zero patience for suffering fools. When Kym and her friends find themselves hunted by a killer, she works to flip the script and survive at any cost.


Courtesy of MTV

Power Rangers star RJ Cyler will star as Deion, a star running back for the high school football team, Deion hopes to secure a college football scholarship that will take him far away from Atlanta, a plan that seems destined to fail when he becomes the target of a masked killer with ties to his past. Damn RJ, where’s your morpher when you need it?!

Last but not least, Split‘s Jessica Sula will portray Liv, the new girl at school. As a member of the cheer squad and an honor roll student, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and an ideal life. But as she and Deion grow closer, amidst the murder and mayhem, it soon becomes clear that she has just as many secrets as everyone else.

What do you guys think of a reboot for MTV’s Scream series and how about that all-star cast, right? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Deadline

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