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Tapas Media and Tencent AC Team Up to Bring Popular Asian Titles To Western Audiences

It looks like in today’s entertainment industry, there’s a big push to make sure that fans across the globe can enjoy the same content. That pretty much falls under the bracket of inclusiveness, which is one of the things we constantly push for here at Geeks of Color. Thankfully, it’s starting to look like we aren’t the only ones, seeing as how Tencent Comics & Animation is making moves to be more inclusive.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the name, but Tencent AC is a Chinese online comic and entertainment platform. They’re currently China’s largest legit online comic platform. Pretty sick, right? What’s really cool is that Tencent has decided to join forces with Tapas Media – a media company that’s known for their work contributing to the distribution of major and independent creators in the world of books and comics – to deliver some of their most popular titles to North America and other english speaking countries. Here’s a statement that was made by Zou Zhengyu, the GM of Tencent’s Animation and Comics Department:

“Tapas is one of our most important overseas partnerships. The cooperation between Tapas and Tencent AC will be key in helping to connect the global marketplace to the freshest and most popular comic IP from China’s growing content industry.” 

As well as that, a statement was made by Tapas Media’s CEO Chang Kim:

As Tapas grows its portfolio of content with leading entertainment brands and rising creators, it is with great excitement to be the platform that introduces Tencent AC’s highly popular animated and comic franchises to North America, and other English speaking countries around the world,”



Fox Spirit Matchmaker

One of the most popular titles is Fox Spirit Matchmaker (pictured above) that has been described as “A love story between humans and monsters that spans over a millennium and in multiple reincarnations” As well as that, Tapas will be feature titles such as Book of Yaoguai, Cupid’s Chocolate-ing, Jack Of All Trades, and Zombie Brother. Very lit properties.

If you’re interested in any of these, make sure to head over to the Tapas website and download their app while you’re at it! And make sure to keep up with GOC for the latest and dopest news.

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