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‘The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars – Part One’ Reveals Avatar Kyoshi Was Bisexual

The Legend of Korra finale surprised and excited fans by ending with the reveal of a relationship between Avatar Korra and Asami (confirmed by the creators of the series), but apparently, Korra wasn’t the first LGBTQ Avatar to exist, as that honor belongs to Avatar Kyoshi.

According to the new graphic novel of the Avatar series published by Dark Horse Comics, The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars – Part One, Avatar Kyoshi, of the Earth Kingdom, was bisexual.

The revelation comes when Kya, Avatar Aang and Katara’s daughter, approaches both Korra and Asami to question them about their relationship. After revealing that she too is gay, Aya tells the couple that out of the four Nations, the Earth Kingdom is the most traditional and resistant to the idea of a non-straight relationship, and not even Avatar Kyoshi’s sexual orientation could change that.


Extract from The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars – Part One

Although one might argue that information provided in a comic could sometimes not fall into the category of “canon”, this piece of information does, as the comic is written by Michael Dante DiMartino, the co-creator of The Legend of Korra. It can’t get more canon than that.

Kyoshi was the Avatar two incarnations ahead of Avatar Aang, three ahead of Korra, and while her sexuality may have not been accepted in her home nation, she was beloved by her people, even inspiring the Kyoshi Warriors of Kyoshi Island to imitate her style of dress and fighting, as she was a fierce warrior and militaristic presence.

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The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars – Part One, with art by Irene Koh and written by Michael Dante DiMartino, is on sale now.

Source: Comic Book.



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