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xHamster Wants To Produce Season 3 of Sense8

Even after an outpouring of support and begging from fans around the globe, Netflix announced in June that they were canceling Sense8, their sci-fy drama centering around 8 people who were mentally and emotionally linked from different walks of life all around the world. The show touched on cultural, social, sexual, mental and LGBTQI+ issues, had a actual multi-ethnic cast, and resonated with so many people so that even though the series will be getting a wrap-up film, a lot of us are still a little upset about the loss of the show (especially since the Wachowskis had already planned out five seasons) when there are others (cough 13 Reasons Why cough) that probably didn’t need to return.

Well, one company, in particular, has heard all of the noise about the show and is offering the chance to bring it back to life. The best part? It’s xHamster. 

If you are unaware about what xHamster is, it’s a pornographic media/social networking site that was started back in April of 2007. But before you write them off as just porn, you should also be made aware of the good they’ve done such as when Utah rejected a sexual education bill in February, they started presenting a popup to visitors from the state that suggested viewing a sexual education series they created called “The Box”. xHamster also initiated a “Brock Turner rule”,  banning videos involving rape, especially when someone is unconscious or under hypnosis. They even started selling their own beer in 2016 called xHamster beer that sold out in 5 days. As of 2015, they were the 3rd most popular pornography site on the internet and they even have their own self-produced reality show called The Sex Factor where men and women compete to become porn stars.

The company wrote an official letter to the Wachowski siblings signed by their Vice President Alex Hawkins in order to pitch bringing the show over to their site. The letter can be seen below.


As of right now, it is unknown if the Wachowskis have seen/recieved the letter or their thoughts on it but considering the fact that Lana has reportedly already started writing season 3, this could be the unexpected match we all didn’t even know we needed.

Would you be down to watch a third season of Sense8 produced by xHamster? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!



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