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‘Sense8’ Is Coming Back For a 2-Hour Series Finale

The devastating news that Netflix’s original series Sense8 had been cancelled due to a lower than expected viewership weighed heavily on so many. After the cancellation, social media went into an uproar. Across many countries, fans started online petitions, twitter went into a frenzy as the users flooded the mentions of Netflix’s own account to express their anger, sadness and disappointed. Some online campaigns even rallied in the thousands, organizing to call Netflix’s customer service line every hour of every day to express their desire to bring the show or to at least give the show a proper send-off. Let’s be honest… it should be a crime for shows to come to an end on unresolved cliff hangers. Thankfully, the Netflix Gods have heard our prayers and the show is being revived for a two hour series finale which will air next year.



The official Sense8 twitter page posted a very telling letter to confirm the shows revival. Check out the tweet below:

This is truly exciting news and goes to show how the influence of social media can change the tide. Sense8 cost Netflix $9 million an episode to make and to complicate things even more the show was filmed in eight different countries, with eight different film crews. The logistics of the show alone could blow anyone’s mind but the finished product made it all worth it. Good to know that Netflix came to their senses (no pun intended lol) to close the chapter on such an amazing show the proper way.

The main cast included a transgendered San Francisco hacker, a truck driver turned politician from Nairobi, a business woman turned fugitive from Seoul, a closeted action star from Mexico City, a pharmacist from Mumbai, a master thief from Berlin, a police officer from Chicago, and a DJ from Iceland.

Not only was the cast diverse, the story itself was a unique and intriguing one that came straight from the mind of the Wachowski Siblings who are the masterminds behind the The Matrix Trilogy and Jupiter AscendingSense8 told the story of these eight strangers who born into what is known as a cluster which links them telepathically and allows each one to transport their mind and senses to where any of the others may be. Sounds like the best vacation ever right? While the reality of finding out that you are linked to seven other people across the globe can be shocking, the eight characters we fell in love with managed to find comfort and triumph in it and we watched them become family through the two seasons it streamed on Netflix.

What do you think GOC fam? Are you excited for the revival of the show? What are you hoping to see in the two-hour series finale? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Twitter

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