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Peter Parker Becomes a Mentor to Miles Morales in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

In comics and film, fans are used to seeing Peter Parker as the young new hero being mentored by more experienced crimefighters. However, Disney XD’s new animated series Marvel’s Spider-Man will flip the story and have Peter as a mentor to Miles Morales.

Cort Lane, Senior Vice President for Animation and Family Entertainment at Marvel explained the new take to Screen Rant.

“As other characters get powers, that complicates Peter’s life and that’s the story that we want to tell,” said Lane. “When Miles gets his powers, Peter has a sense of responsibility for him because he’s younger; he doesn’t have the lessons from Uncle Ben. He wants to do good, but he’s a little more reckless and enthusiastic.”


Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Source: Screen Rant

Despite not using a villain of the week formula, the series will still see Peter fighting some of Spidey’s most notable rogues, including Green Goblin.

“There’s a sense of responsibility as other characters develop powers, and as Harry, in his own way, develops powers…not so nice powers. It’s really just about how Peter deals with it, and also to create the contrast with how responsibly Peter uses his abilities and how others, even when they are well-meaning, don’t necessarily do so as responsibly,” said Lane. “The mantra that Peter has about great power and great responsibility is something that truly he seems to understand better than anyone else.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man premieres on Disney XD Saturday, Aug. 19.

Are you interested to see a more mature side of Peter Parker?

Source: Screen Rant

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