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Hercules Live-Action Fancast

Update: Three years has passed since we uploaded this fancast. At the time a live-action Hercules was not announced, and now we have a screenwriter and producers attached to the project. Upon reflection, I have decided to tweak some of my suggestions, namely my choices for Hercules and The Muses. My preferences have changed, but all the choices presented are totally viable and fun.

Disney live-action adaptations are the latest money-making scheme. Disney is taking our beloved animated films and bringing them to live-action. It has been working out for them, so far. It seems they have run into trouble with the live-action Aladdin, but if they had just followed GOC’s suggestions we would be in the midst of production.

But that’s not why were are here today, let’s talk Hercules. The one animated film that is simultaneously loved and always overlooked. The film was loosely based on the Grecian demigod and his quest to be a hero. The film is chock-full of great jokes and one-liners that have stood the test of time. And the crowning achievement of the film are The Muses. This fan-cast was inspired by ABC’s Still Star-Crossed, which featured a racially diverse cast to represent the fictitious Verona from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. It was amazing to see PoC portrayed in Italian society, and it sparked this idea. So let’s get to it!

Many thanks to Saron Penrose (@IsARealGirl) & Jonathan Rome (@ItsJohnnyRome) for these awesome graphics.

Kelvin Harrison Jr as Hercules

Hercules is an incredibly kind and compassionate person. He wants to help, but sometimes he just makes things worst. He is well-intentioned, but it is not easy being a demigod in man’s world. He needs to be played by someone who can make you feel Hercules’ innocence and also make you believe he is a hero. John Boyega was my top choice, and still is a favourite of mine. However, Kelvin Harrison Jr. has me convinced that he too can bring the heat for this role.

Medalion Rahimi as Megara

Megara is a smart, independent, quick-witted, modern woman in Ancient Greece. Meg in the animated film was a departure for Disney’s typical leading ladies. She is the cautionary tale of what happens after happily-ever-after. We need an actress who can nail the sass and femme fatale-esque routine Meg’s got going on. This actress should also makes us feel sympathy for Meg, and root for her too. Medalion Rahimi, who played Princess Isabella in Still Star-Crossed, is my top choice for Megara.

Peter Dinklage as Phil

Philoctetes, a.k.a Phil, is Satyr that trains Hercules to be a hero. He is a good guy, but is easily annoyed at the lack of respect. He is a sarcastic, rude, bundle of rage but so loveable at the same time. Peter Dinklage is the man for the job.

Mahershala Ali as Hades

Hades, God of the Underworld. Hades is one of Disney’s greatest villains. The snark, the sass, the flaming hair, all of it is perfection. He has an uncontrollable temper and a bone to pick with his dear brother Zeus. He is evil, and craves world domination, but he is so charming. Who can play this deliciously villainous character and still make us root for him? Mahershala Ali!

Nick Frost & Simon Pegg as Pain & Panic

Pain and Panic, Hades minions. They are dumb, clumsy, and cowardly. They are dangerous, but their dim-witted ways stop them from doing much harm. It is hard to believe Hades has so much faith in them, but he does. Nick Frost & Simon Pegg are perfect for the duo. They have great comedic timing and hilarious banter. These side characters will surely be a highlight.

Michael K. Williams as Zeus

Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods and father of Hercules. Zeus is easy going, cheerful, and positive person. He loves to laugh, have a good time, and be childish sometimes. The interaction between Zeus and Hades is important, they need to be complete opposites and still act like brothers. Michael K Williams has been in the game just as long as Mahershala Ali and the two would work wonders together.

Parminder Nagra as Hera

Hera, Queen of the Olympian Gods and mother of Hercules. Hera is loving, kind, and protective of her son. Hera is seen briefly but her character design and presence leaves a mark. If a live-action film were to be made I would love to see Hera have a bigger part. Hera is the goddess of women, perhaps she could find her way to Earth and interact with Hercules’ adopted mother. Parminder Nagra is my top pick for Hera.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste & David Harewood as Amphytryon & Alcmene

Hercules’ adopted parents are like Martha and Jonathan Kent. They instill in their super-powered son the core values of being a good person. They are the main reason why Hercules becomes the hero that he is. They raised him with kindness, compassion, and love. The casting of Hercules’ parents is crucial, because we must understand how Hercules becomes the man he is.

herculesfancast-hermes-said (1).jpg
Saïd Taghmaoui as Hermes

Hermes is the cool, relaxed, and humorous loyal messenger of the Gods. He has a small part in the film but his impact is strong. What was not touched on in the film is that Hermes is the god of theives and all others who lived by their wits. Saïd Taghmaoui is excellent for the part, he can definitely play a god of all those who live by their wits.

Kelly Rowland, Amber Riley, Uzo Aduba, Patina Miller, and Renee Elise Goldsberry as The Muses

The Muses, the five Goddesses of the Arts and proclaimers of heroes. These goddesses are the most memorable and significant part of the animated film. They have the best musical numbers, and best character designs. They play a small part in the film but they are the single most important part of the whole thing. That is why casting must be perfect! My choices will be sure to bring down the house and have us praising the Lord; Kelly Rowland, Amber Riley, Uzo Aduba, Patina Miller, and Renee Elise Goldsberry. These ladies are all powerhouse vocalist and talented af, which is a must if they are the Goddesses of the Arts. Boom. Instant box office hit!

I originally had Octavia Spencer, Taraji P Henson, Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, and Janelle Monáe as The Muses, earth-shattering choices and are still favourites of mine.

So there it is! The ultimate casting for a live-action Hercules.

If you like it please share, and if you have any suggestions for future Disney fancasts, comment below.

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