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‘Fate of the Furious’ Director Thinks Going to Space is Possible For Franchise

The Fast and Furious is the Hollywood franchise that keeps on giving. What started out as a movie about simple street racing has evolved into a full on spy franchise that rivals the likes of James Bond and Mission Impossible. Our favorite crew has taken on the FBI, international hacker groups, the world’s most wanted drug lords, they have jumped out of flying cars, chased submarines and moving airplanes. Now fans are wondering where the franchise can go next.


As people started to poke fun at what the franchise can do next to top itself, a common joke has been that Dominic and his crew will go to outer space. F. Gary Gray is the director of the most recent installment of the franchise The Fate of The Furious and in a recent interview with ScreenRant, he expressed that the idea is pretty possible:

“Outer space? Listen, I wouldn’t rule anything out with this franchise. When I read submarine I’m like ‘Okay, anything’s possible’. You never know. I haven’t read “Dom on Mars” yet but again, you just never know.”

Gray doesn’t speak for the actors or the studios who are apart of these films but if he’s open to the possibility, who’s to say that the rest of the people involved aren’t open to it either. Going from street racing to space adventures would definitely be a huge leap in the franchise’s direction but only time will tell. Would you be interested in seeing The Fast and Furious crew in space? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Screenrant

Fate of the Furious is available on Digital HD and will be released on DVd/Blu-Ray on July 11.

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