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COMICS: Killer Instinct To Get A Title In September Via Dynamite Entertainment

Killer Instinct, a classic fighting game comprised of impressive visuals, insane character designs and ULLLTTTRRAAA GOMBOS! But, now it seems that the company Double Helix Games and Dynamite Entertainment (Who have utilized other companies IPs before for comics) will be the ones responsible for taking this wacky cast of incredible characters and putting them into the world of comics for the first time.  

The video game, according to Screenrant, will place focus on the Killer Instinct Tournament in which a corporation pits the combatants of this videogame universe against one another as a means to see the effectiveness of their new weapons. And, safely assured by writer Ian Edington, both fans of these characters and newcomers will be able to enjoy this book as one. 

The comic series will feature Kim Wu (a half-korean, half-chinese martial prodigy) and Jago (a warrior monk with ties to Tibetan culture) as the main series leads where they will fight the good fight against Ultratech corporation and team themselves up with a group of other combatants as they will battle against an unimaginable evil which lives in the Astral Plane.

Ian Edington has had a hard time controlling his excitement/passion for this project (along with the overall universe) and during an interview went onto say:

“Killer Instinct has a colorful and diverse cast of characters, each with their own rich back-stories and with plenty more tales to tell. The Killer Instinct pantheon effectively comprises a superhero universe and it’s hard not to get overwhelmed with the wealth of riches there is to work with. I’ve taken a dozen or so characters – Kim-Wu, Jago, Aganos, Tusk, Aganos, Kan-ra, etc, and built a story around them that’s self-contained but can spring board into other series if need be. I’ve structured it to appeal to die-hard Ki fans and those coming to it cold. You won’t need any foreknowledge of the game to enjoy it. Likewise, there will be plenty of nods and easter eggs to the game for Killer Instinct fans. I’ve had a huge amount of fun writing this series. It’s a fantastic world to be permitted to play around in.”

Pretty cool, eh? What do you think about the idea of using Killer Instinct? Any other video game franchises that you want in a comic book format? I would personally love a full-fledged series based around Destroy All Humans!, just sayin…

Source: Screenrant 

Featured Image via Kyle-Fast’s DeviantArt

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