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‘Archer’ Live-Action Fancast

Archer, created by Adam Reed, is the hit FX adult animated show. It revolves around Archer, the greatest spy in the world, and the shenanigans he and his fellow spies get into. It is a black comedy that does not shy away from anything. Reed’s comedy may offend some, but the jokes are knowingly offensive and are bookending it with genuinely hilarious situational and intellectual humour. It is one of those comedies that you just go with or you don’t.

A live action adaptation of this property will probably never happen, Archer, excels as an animation, and the voice cast is absolutely amazing. But I am gonna put this out there, maybe this could be a reality. This fancast is on the assumption that none of the original voice cast will transition to live-action.


Helen Mirren as Malory Archer

Malory once described her son as “vain, selfish, lying, and quite possibly alcoholic man-whore”, she might as well be talking about herself. As the head of ISIS, International Secret Intelligence Service, she is inundated everyday with the incompetence of her staff. She is doesn’t hold back when insulting her staff. She is shameless when she pursues her own interests. She is a lot of things, but is still incredibly charming. Helen Mirren would be an amazing fit with Malory, and there is certainly a resemblance.


Matt Bomer as Sterling Archer

A fan favourite for Sterling Archer has been Henry Cavill. There is certainly a resemblance, and his recent film The Man From UNCLE has given people many reasons to believe he is a fit for Sterling. I think that Matt Bomer is an incredibly overlooked actor and has proven with his show White Collar that he has what it takes to play the flirtatious and cocky spy. Archer is narcissistic, insensitive, sex-crazed, oblivious, and short tempered. He also has a sweet side when it comes to his lady love, Lana Kane, but over all he is a horrible person. And like his mother, he is incredibly charming and you always root for him. Bomer can do Archer justice and he looks the part.


Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Lana Kane

Lana Kane is incredibly smart, strong, beautiful and capable. She is tall and muscular and is Archer and Ray’s equal. These things make Lana incredible, but it threaten the fragile masculinity of the men on the show, and she often deals with misogyny. A running joke on the show is that Lana has unusually large hands, which some of the characters creatively call “man hands”. However, Lana rises above it all by still being awesome. I cast Cynthia Addai-Robinson. I believe Cynthia can emulate what Aisha Tyler has done for the character,and it helps that Cynthia looks like Lana.


Fred Armisen as Cyril Figgis

Cyril Figgis is a timid man. He is everything Archer is not. He has a desk job at ISIS, but aspires to be an agent. He is well educated and is alluded to having an accomplished past in accounting and law. He throughout the show surprises Archer and Malory with his hidden skills. He is also prone to finding himself in embarrassing and revealing situations. Anyone familiar with Cyril Figgis and comedian Fred Armisen knows that this is a perfect fit. Fred has proven with his SNL run that he can tackle every single one of Cyril’s quirks and mannerisms.


Leslie Jones as Pam Poovey

Pam Poovey is the worst human resources director. Pam is essentially the female version of Archer, minus the narcissism. Although she is often teased for her weight and eating habits, Pam is as dangerous as Archer. She can hold her own in a fight and never gives up. Throughout the show it is revealed that Pam had participated in underground fights and has been mixed up with gangs. The farm girl from Wisconsin had seen things and has done things. She is not to be underestimated. There are many comedians who are suited for Pam, but I think Leslie Jones is perfect for the part. Leslie’s type of comedy fits well with the writing for Pam, and Leslie embodies a lot of Pam’s personality in real life and on SNL. Nothing can stop Leslie from getting what she wants. You can try to take her down but she will just get right back up, just like Pam.


Michael Fassbender as Doctor Krieger

Krieger is a crazy person. Adam Reed created a legit crazy person. The things Krieger does in this show is, words cannot explain. Fassbender somehow has found his sweet spot with playing crazy people and it would be fun to see him play this Nazi scientist. Krieger loves dosing members of ISIS with odd drugs he develops. He has an intimate relationship with a hologram. He may be a necrophiliac, and is secretly developing a secret army of robots/cyborgs. Like I said crazy person, and it would be fun to see Fassbender really let loose.


Alison Brie as Cheryl Tunt

Cheryl Tunt is certifiably insane. She is a masochist who frequently demands members of ISIS to choke her. She finds pleasure in insulting people and exploiting their worst fears. She is the bane of Malory’s existence, and she knows it. Cheryl is also an arsonist, and was institutionalized at some point. She is also a member of an incredibly horrible rich family. The kind of rich family that is casual about insect and the ownership of slaves. Cheryl is a horrible person, but she is so damn funny. Alison Brie is PERFECT for Cheryl. She has played unhinged, and sex crazed characters before. Alison also closely resembles Cheryl.


Neil Patrick Harris as Ray Gillette

Ray is nothing like any of his fellow agents. He is a happy, optimistic and a good natured guy. However, he is surrounded by horrible people 24/7, so Ray does have an edge. He is best friends with Lana, and is the least problematic of the 3 main agents. He is the exact opposite of Archer, he is self less, kind, and well mannered. He does find pleasure in making Archer’s life hard, only because Archer is terrible to him. He is also openly gay and Malory is the only one who uses that against him. Unlike her son, Ray has confidence and high self esteem. Neil Patrick Harris is my top pick. Ray is a lot more mild mannered than most of NPH’s previous characters, but Ray has had some outrageous moments that NPH can totally work with.


Daniel Henney as Barry Dylan

Barry Dylan is Archer’s main antagonist and foil. At the beginning of the series Barry is presented as Archer’s counterpart at the rival spy agency, Odin. Barry is a toned down version of Archer, but minus the heavy drinking and the playboy ways. He is the perfect nemesis to Archer. After being turned into a cyborg he becomes obsessed with getting revenge on Archer. He develops a few mental issues, often talks to himself, referring to himself as Other Barry. My pick is Daniel Henney. He is a wonderful actor who has not gotten a ton of opportunities. Barry is a complicated character, but is also incredibly funny. Barry is definitely a scene stealer and Daniel Henney is up for the challenge.


Olga Kurylenko as Katya

Katya is a KGB spy who defects to be with Archer. She is designed to be Lana Kane’s opposite and foil. She is soft spoken, kind, and emotional. Katya lacks any of Lana’s masculine qualities, therefore she appears more innocent and sweet. She seems like a genuinely nice person and is a romantic, Lana is none of that. Katya is the only person that bonds Lana & Malory, who normally do not get along. But Katya also becomes a cyborg, and becomes cold, calculated and aggressive. Olga Kurylenko is my top pick for Katya. She too looks like the character, minus the blonde hair.

That’s it. The ultimate Archer fancast. It is important to have comedic heavy weights in this cast, the comedy is very specific and these comedians are well suited for Reed’s dark & raunchy humour. A lot of the casting choices were influenced by how much the actors looked like their animated counterparts. Also, I should note that this cast is difficult to racebend. Most of these characters do not lend themselves to that since their white privilege is a key part of their personas and who they are, specifically the case for Malory, Archer and Cheryl. The comedy in the show is often fueled by how horrible some white people are, particularly those in the 1%. However, I think I came up with an amazing cast and they are worth every penny! I specifically love the idea of Alison Brie as Cheryl!

Well, if you enjoyed this fancast or have favourites please share and comment.

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