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King Kong Television Show In Development

King Kong, a monstrous gorilla who has become synonymous with the term “cinema icon”.

The King is now being endowed with a live-action treatment on the small screen. The monster has been in eight feature films and the focal point of many small screen animated properties, including but not limited to: Kong – King Of The Apes & The King Kong Show. Now, the iconic character is now, through Marvista Entertainment and IM Global Television, getting his own live-action television show written by Johnathan Penner and Stacy Title.

When asked about the television property, the IM Global TV President, Mark Stern had this to say: “There’s clearly a deep and abiding interest in this timeless story. We love Stacy and Jonathan’s approach to this adaptation and look forward to partnering with MarVista as we bring this gripping tale of survival and adventure to life for a new generation of Kong fans.”

King Kong is slated to duke it out with Godzilla in 2020 with the aptly named film Godzilla Vs. King Kong and is expected to make his small-screen appearance on an unspecified date.

Source: Deadline

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