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Rumored Early Series Pick-up For Both X-Men & Black Lightning

It would seem that every day we are finding out more and more information that shows based on comics are being brought to life on the small screen. There’s Agents of Shield on  ABC, Legion on FX, and the multitude of picks that can currently be binged on Netflix.

Not to be outdone by the competition, FOX has decided to join in on the hero theme by producing a series surrounding The X-Men, whose pilot was filmed under the codename “Gifted”, and is already generating tons of positive publicity. It was written by Matt Nix, the creator of USA’s hit Burn Notice, and reportedly its gritty and character-driven storyline is good enough to give it an early series pickup before the pilot even airs.

According to Deadline, another strong candidate for an early series pickup is Black Lightning for The CW. The pilot was actually written for Fox, but they passed on it and The CW was quick to pick it up. Even with a much shorter turn-around and presentation time than they are used to, the network has already given more than a few DC comics a good home (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, & Supergirl all air on the channel) and Black Lightning is currently being seen as a “hot prospect”, and a surefire hit like all of their comic based shows have been so far.

Are you guys excited about seeing The X-Men & Black Lightning on your TV screens? Or would you rather they stick to being movies instead? Let us know in the comments below!

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