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‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’: Nintendo Switch Gameplay Review

By: Eric Dennis

This past weekend I got the chance to try out the Nintendo Switch at PAX south. The convention hall was filled with others who were waiting on the same thing. Many were there to try out the console in general, but there was only one game that I cared about, ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild.’


The 19th installment in one of Nintendo’s main franchises is breathtaking and incredible. We don’t know much about the game, only the details that have been revealed through the cryptic trailers so far. As I started the demo,  it was obvious how much Nintendo has banking on this game. The first couple of minutes you’re thrust into the story as Link without a clue as to what’s happening. After a brief introduction to the controls the game gives you free rein to explore and you’re offered your first glimpse of the world around you.


Nintendo really brought the wow factor on this. The graphics combined with massive size of the world are amazing. The game itself is bigger than Skyrim it seems, even if we were only allowed to explore one area. The demo drops you right into the game with most of Link’s basic abilities like his spin attack and ability to wield a bow. The combat is smooth and the enemies seem to be a step above the normal difficulty of fighting. There’s also the added factor of the weapon and gear system.


Nintendo took cues from other big name RPG’s and gave you the chance to pick up new weapons and gear such as an axe that changes how your spin attack works, making it a slow, heavy hitting tornado move, a medium speed club, to the regular sword and shield or just a sword on its own.


Our team member Josh

Without giving too much away on the story, the demo ended with a glimpse into what has happened to Hyrule. It shows Hyrule as a wild landscape, compared to the older games portrayals of it as a bustling kingdom. The added concept of the on-the-go feature on the switch gives those who can’t put the game down a chance to keep playing on the run, which is something that I can easily see happening. But after the short 20 minutes I got to spend with the game, it’s safe to say this will be what revives peoples hopes in Nintendo. The beauty and awe of this game is enough to even keep the people who consider themselves hardcore gamers coming back. Zelda is back and it’s here to stay.

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