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‘Pretty Dudes’ Web Series by Chance Calloway [Review]

Pretty Dudes is a web series of a diverse group of friends and their dynamic in modern America. I came across this series when Chance Calloway, the creator of the series, contacted me after coming across my article on South East Asian Representation.

The web series stars Yoshi Sudarso (Sunji), Tae Song (Jay), Bryan Michael Nuñez (Zario), Xavier Avila (Ellington), Kyle Rezzarday (Alexander), and Olivia Thai (Eagle).

Pretty Dudes centers around Bryan Nuñez’s character, Zario, who gets help from his straight friends with finding a new boyfriend. We see him interact with many different personalities and we also see the friendship between him and his friends. The show portrays people of colour as what they are, people. It’s incredibly diverse without feeling like it’s being forced, and I love that. The characters each has their own strengths and their own flaws. No one fits into a stereotype because obviously, individual people have individual stories to tell. They’re all interesting in their own ways, and when put in a comical setting, it provides great storytelling.

Pretty Dudes also proves that it’s possible for a show to have a majority poc cast and have characters that anyone can relate to. I’ve even caught myself relating to each character in different ways. The web series is comedic and fun to watch. The jokes felt natural to the script and as a person who has a habit of being meticulous, I enjoyed them very much. I am definitely looking forward to watching more episodes of this show.

Watch Pretty Dudes on Youtube and follow them on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. You can also find Chance Calloway on Twitter.


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