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‘Pretty Dudes’ Web Series by Chance Calloway [Review]

Pretty Dudes is a web series of a diverse group of friends and their dynamic in modern America. I came across this series when Chance Calloway, the creator of the series, contacted me after coming across my article on South East Asian Representation. The web series stars Yoshi Sudarso (Sunji), Tae Song (Jay), Bryan Michael Nuñez (Zario), Xavier Avila (Ellington), […]

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Asian Representation, A Southeast Asian Perspective

by Asyiqin Haron Hey guys! Asyi here again. This time with an article that’s not about Iron Fist (wait till 2017 comes around though…). Besides being Geeks of Color’s resident Iron Fist, I’m also their resident non-American Southeast Asian (I’m Malay-Singaporean). In this article, I want to talk about Asian representation. Specifically Southeast Asian representation. There isn’t much of it, […]

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Why Iron Fist Danny Rand Should Be Asian-American

by Asyiqin Hey everyone! Asyi here with another article. This time it is going to be about my all time favourite superhero, Iron Fist. If you follow me on twitter, you would know how much I love Iron Fist (I’m obsessed) and how much I wish Danny Rand is Asian-American, or Chinese-American to be more specific. Here’s why. 1.  We […]

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by Asyiqin Haron  Hi everyone, it’s Asyi (it’s pronounced “Ah-Shi”). Geeks of Color’s very own creative designer. I have never written a blog post on here since I mainly make all the pretty stuff for the page. However, this week #WhichAsianAmI got popular on twitter for a while. If you didn’t know, the hashtag was created by yours truly. With the […]