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#FancastFriday: Riri Williams Aka Iron Man

By: Jatevin Murphy

What’s up everyone and welcome back to another Fancast Friday. This Wednesday Marvel announced that its new “Iron Man”, no emphasis on the man, would be a 15 year old dark skinned Afro sporting black girl with a scholarship to MIT. Now when I heard this news I was pretty excited as I’m sure the majority of the blerd community was and just like the rest of the blerd community I instantly began fancasting. I knew it would be years before we ever were graced with the presence of Riri Williams on film, but I still had to have an actress that could bring everyone’s new niece to life. Which brings me to this weeks fancast focusing on none other than our new Iron Woman? Iron Gal? Iron Girl? Ahhh we’ll figure it out.

 RiRi Fancast

I knew when casting Riri Williams it would be important that she remained a dark skinned black woman because it was so very much visually part of her character and some much needed representation for our Blerdettes. After sitting for awhile and thinking I am up with none other than Imani Hakim, now I know Riri is only 15 and Imani is 22, but I figure we’ve had much older people playing much younger characters so what they hey. Most of you will recognize Imani from the tv show Everybody Hates Chris where she plays Chris’s sister Tonya.


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