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Swinging Into Greatness: First Impressions of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ From The Preview Event

With the highly anticipated release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 just around the corner, the excitement among fans is reaching a fever pitch!

I recently had the privilege of stepping back into the world of the Spider-Man games a little early by attending an exclusive preview event for the game, where we were granted the web-slinging opportunity to dive headfirst into about three hours of gameplay action.

In this game, Spider-Men, Peter Parker, and Miles Morales, return for an exciting new adventure in the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise. Swinging, jumping, and utilizing the new Web Wings to travel across Marvel’s New York, switching between both Spider-Men throughout the story, each with their own epic powers, as the iconic villain Venom threatens to destroy their lives, their city, and the ones they love. 

As a big fan of the previous games, I had high expectations for the demo and they did not disappoint. I need this game to be available right now!

Check out my first impressions of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 below: 

(Courtesy of Insomniac Games)

Peter’s Symbiote Suit 

Of course, I have to talk about his new suit. One of the most exciting aspects of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the introduction of Peter Parker’s new symbiote powers, and boi, do they make a splash! These new abilities elevate his fighting style to a whole new level, infusing his moves with an otherworldly energy. Yet, what’s truly remarkable is how seamlessly it integrates into the gameplay. 

(Courtesy of Insomniac Games)

Whether it’s using symbiotic tendrils to disarm foes, pulling off dope aerial maneuvers, or summoning symbiotic enhancements to his suit mid-combat, Peter’s symbiote powers feel like a natural extension of his already impressive skill set. If it didn’t corrupt him as a person, I would want Peter to be in that suit the whole time. It’s a testament to the game’s design that while these powers bring a unique flair to battles, they still maintain the signature fluidity and familiarity that allows players to jump right in and feel like the Spider-Man they’ve come to know and love.

Web Wings 

Swinging through the bustling streets of New York City as Spider-Man has always been an exhilarating experience that I’ve spent many hours doing. Having recently played a demo version of this highly-anticipated sequel, it’s clear that the development team at Insomniac Games is taking everything that worked previously in the other games and amped it up to an astonishing degree.

(Courtesy of Insomniac Games)

The introduction of web wings is a game-changer (literally) that added a thrilling new dimension to the web-slinging experience. Initially, it took a brief moment to wrap my head around the controls, as it felt like I was learning to swing all over again. However, once into the swing of things (no pun intended), the transition between the swinging and gliding became seamless. The web wings not only allowed for breathtaking mid-air acrobatics but also enabled Spidey to gracefully glide through the cityscape, offering a newfound sense of control. Can’t wait to see the photos that will come out of this.


The latest iteration of this game boasts a notably enhanced combat system in comparison to its predecessors. The synergy between Peter Parker and Miles Morales is truly remarkable, and with the introduction of fresh maneuvers and capabilities, each skirmish becomes a fun showcase of agility and abilities. The array of combo alternatives available is extensive, and the satisfaction derived from vanquishing foes is truly unparalleled. Beating up bad guys has never been so fun! 

(Courtesy of Insomniac Games)

It was previously revealed that both Miles and Peter boast their unique skill trees, alongside a shared one that opens up the possibility to utilize certain abilities interchangeably between the two characters. I found this feature very cool and so much fun to use throughout the demo. I loved that I could embark on a mission with Miles, harnessing his electrifyingly evolved Venom powers, while Peter’s mission showcased the potential of his Symbiote abilities. This unique feature will also alter your approach to how you play the game and which skills you want to invest in. 

New York City

(Courtesy of Insomniac Games)

Besides the hype of being back in the game, the first thing that struck me was the sheer scale of the game’s world. New York City has been painstakingly recreated in all its glory, and it’s more vibrant and alive than ever before. The level of detail is mind-boggling from the individual pedestrians on the streets to the iconic skyscrapers that loom above. Swinging through this digital rendition of the Big Apple is a sensory delight, and the power of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) brings it to life in a way that must be seen to be believed.

The Story

(Courtesy of Insomniac Games)

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is evolving the Spider-Man narrative in amazing ways. The villains they face force Peter and Miles to confront their inner demons while juggling the responsibilities of their lives and friendships. The demo I played didn’t tease too many details about it, but even in the short time, you could feel the tension building from all the threats the Spidey team must face. This story will really showcase the game’s depth because the internal struggles are also compelling as the action-packed battles against the iconic villains, including a unique take on the formidable Venom, the relentless Kraven the Hunter, and the volatile Lizard, among others.

Overall, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 is shaping up to be an absolute triumph and contender for Game of The Year. It takes everything that made the first two games incredible and cranks it up to eleven. The combat is electrifying and the story promises to be an emotional rollercoaster. If this demo is any indication, Spidey fans are in for an unforgettable gaming experience when the full game swings onto our screens.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released on October 20.

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